Blessing in Disguise for Indians? President Trump Bats For Merit Based Immigration

3 Reasons Why Indians Would Be The Biggest Beneficiary Of This New Order


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US President Donald Trump, who is known to be against illegal immigrants, has supported a Senate Bill, which proposes a merit based immigration policy for all immigrants.

If this bill is approved, and passed, then it will drastically reduce the number of immigrant visas by 50%, which means bad news in general.

But, for Indians, who are the third largest immigrant group in the USA after China and Mexico, it is a good news.

You will soon find out the three reasons, which makes this new merit-based immigration policy as beneficial for Indians.

But before, let us find out what exactly is merit based immigration policy?

Merit Based Immigration: An Introduction

A Hyderabad born Indian-Australian first introduced the point based immigration policy, which was also known as merit based visas.

Due to the advantages of this system, soon Canada also adopted this concept, which focuses on the merit and qualifications of the applicant, rather than simply luck and chance.

Some analysts have said that this type of immigration policy is keen on banking the human capital, and picking up the ‘cream’, rather than providing equal opportunity for all. Besides, the problem of brain drain is also highlighted under this system, as merit based immigration will allow all super-skilled professionals to leave their native countries, and relocate to the US.

How To Earn ‘Points’ Under Merit Based Immigration?

There are mainly 4 aspects, using which an applicant can earn points for getting into merit based immigration: Age, education, English skills and job offer.

Now, when it comes to age, then maximum points are given to 26 to 30 years, who get 10 points.

Here is a breakdown:

  • 18-21: 6 points
  • 22-25: 8 points
  • 26-30: 10 points
  • 31-35: 8 points
  • 36-40: 6 points
  • 41-45: 4 points
  • 46-50: 2 points

Likewise, more points are given to US based higher education, better English skills, available job offers, and the salary offered.

Higher the points, better are the chances of getting permanent immigration.

Besides these, there are other aspects as well, which will influence points such as Nobel Prize, sports activities etc.

Note that the new merit based immigration, if approved, would have no bearing on the work visas or temp work visa such as H and L. This point system is only for immigration.

During the announcement of this bill, White House aide Stephen Miller said, “This bill of course doesn’t deal with guest workers and temporary non-immigrant visas,”

Why Merit Based Immigration Is Beneficial For Indians?

As per Migration Policy Institute’s 2013 figures, Indians have a distinctive advantage over applicants of other countries, when it comes to merit based immigration into US:

  1. English speaking and listening skills of Indian migrants is almost double the average English skills of other migrants. This means Indians will get more points under this policy, compared to other applicants from countries say China or Mexico.
  2. Indian immigrants are twice more likely to have an advanced professional degree, compared to other migrants. This means better points for an Indian migrant.
  3. Indians are four years younger than the median age of a migrant in US. Again, more points.

Will Indian merit beat others while procuring immigrant visa in US? Do let us know by commenting right here!

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