7 Latest Whatsapp Updates Which Will Make Your Social Life Easy (#4 Will Make You Safe)

7 latest Whatsapp updates
7 latest Whatsapp updates

With over 1.5 billion users in 180 countries, WhatsApp continues to ace the game of messaging applications.

And why not as it continues to add new features to amaze its users.

 With latest WhatsApp updates news in market, people are eager to know more about their favorite brand. The fun continues with these updates, they are user friendly and extremely entertaining.

So here is a countdown of 7 for our favorite features:


7th WhatsApp from Facebook tag

This tag doesn’t change anything for functionality or usability prospect for users. But with this label Facebook started to mark its territory. According to BBC, the idea of adding the label is marking the start of “long process” of integration of different platforms.    

6th Notification settings

This feature will give you a total peace of mind. No more notification for less important matters.

With this setting you can set notifications for messages, calls and groups by your choice. It will provide options like

1.       Notification tone

2.       Vibration length

3.       Choose to show popup notification in the middle of the screen when you open your phone.

4.       High priority notifications – This notification is shown on the top part of your mobile phone.

5th Group Invites

Does it happened with you that one fine day you open your WhatsApp application and you find yourself members of the groups which you didn’t intend to participate in.

Pictures, videos and forwarded messages taking up all the spaces in your Smartphone. Think about the amount of time you need to put in to resolve this debacle. How does it sound? Scary.

And if you try to leave the group, people might feel offended while you are totally innocent in your act.

With this new feature we will have an option to choose for group invitation by

1.       Everyone

2.       My Contacts

3.       Nobody

You can keep your piece without any intrusion.

Also once you add someone to a group. WhatsApp will send a group joining invitation to that particular user and this request will expire in 72 hours time frame.

4th Fingerprint Recognition

Now you can lock your messenger and open it with simply application of your fingerprints. This feature may come handy in use.

For doing this WhatsApp has recently adapted fingerprint authentication feature in its android beat version.

3rd Frequently forwarded label

WhatsApp has its own frequently forwarded tool feature.

In every update, they are working to make user experience more acceptable. With this feature if a message is forwarded five times then a tag will be attached as “frequently forwarded” to notify users that this post can be part of spam activity or fake news.  

2nd Consecutive voice notes

Earlier when we used to receive voice notes, if we try to play it, we had to manually select every note to make sense of the subject which the sender is trying to say.

With consecutive voice notes feature, we could able to here note in the sequence we have received them without the interruption. This will make life much easier I guess.

1st Private voice notes

Many people don’t know about this feature. Voice notes can be listened privately without using any ear plugs. You simply have to start the note and keep it next to your ears. When you try this, WhatsApp routes the audio from loud speaker to earpiece. So that you can hear it while enjoying your privacy.

Personally I feel, these features are cool to have. So don’t wait, just try them yourself and let us know your experience.

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