Zomato Logs Out Of #Logout Campaign, Puts Its Foot Down: Find Out The Big Reason!

Zomato says enough is enough
Zomato says enough is enough

Zomato has been in a whirlwind of controversy and garnered a lot of bad press, mainly due to the Gold scheme, and various discounts it offers, that the restaurant owners found exorbitant. 

Zomato and the NRAI have locked horns, and Zomato had also made some changes in the Gold scheme to pacify restaurant owners.

However, something happened that made Zomato put its foot down and say, ‘enough is enough’.

What suddenly changed that angered Zomato? Will the changes they made to the Gold Scheme still apply? Read on to find out this rather interesting turn of events!

Restaurant Owners Boycott Zomato – Zomato Complies With Changes To Zomato Gold

As much as 1200 restaurant owners registered under the National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) in major cities of India boycotted Zomato. The primary reason behind this was the huge amounts of discounts that the app offered its users, which incurred in heavy losses for restaurant owners. 

They jointly started a campaign together, the #Logout campaign to which Zomato tried its best to reason with.

Zomato has been quite considerate about the whole affair which was evident when the founder and CEO of Zomato, Deepinder Goyal made changes to the Zomato Gold Scheme. He enlisted the changes which were communicated to the restaurant owners through an email, the key of which are:

  • The price of Zomato Gold has been increased to Rs 1,800 from Rs 1,000.
  • Zomato will restrict the use of Zomato Gold to a single user per day and a single mobile device at a time.
  • No longer than two Gold unlocks can be used per table. 
  • A feedback system has been introduced for the customers, wherein the users will be rated by the restaurant to identify the bad lot. 

All these changes, effective from September 15,  were made in order to pacify the restaurant owners and their body.

However, all this changed suddenly, owing to an act by the head of the NRAI, and Zomato declared that they have had enough!

Zomato Has Had Enough! Find Out Why

The CEO of Zomato has announced that Zomato will be ‘logging out’ of the logout campaign, when he found out that the President of the NRAI, Rahul Singh, has started his own ‘Gold’ programmes.

Rahul Singh has introduced this Gold programme at his own outlet, The Beer Cafe, wherein he offers discounts to customers, which seem quite similar to the Zomato’s Gold Scheme. 

Goyal pointed out the hypocrisy in a tweet, along with screenshots, and wasn’t very subtle about it too. He tweeted, quite sarcastically, “I welcome the NRAI president, Rahul Singh embracing the Gold standard at his own restaurants. Welcome to Gold, Rahul! @NRAI_India.”

He also goes on to say that the #Logout campaign has been led and operated by Rahul Singh, and a few large restaurant owners to ‘use the NRAI platform to sabotage aggregators and benefit themselves.’ 

He has maintained that the changes made to the Gold scheme will not be changed. 

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