Whatsapp Users Can Now ‘Silently’ Exit Groups; Block Screenshot Of Chats & More (Privacy Updates)

Recently the popular messaging app, WhatsApp has announced a number of new privacy features for its communication platform, which it is planning to roll out very soon for all users. 

Whatsapp Users Can Now 'Silently' Exit Groups; Block Screenshot Of Chats & More (Privacy Updates)
Whatsapp Users Can Now ‘Silently’ Exit Groups; Block Screenshot Of Chats & More (Privacy Updates)


Whatsapp New Feature Launch

Some of these features include the ability to hide your ‘Online’ status indicator, exit WhatsApp groups silently without notifying users and also block screenshots for certain messages.

These new upcoming WhatsApp features were announced by the Founder and CEO of WhatsApp’s parent company Meta (previously Facebook), Mark Zuckerberg, on Tuesday. 

Let’s go through these new privacy features and laso when you can expect to receive them.

1. Selection of people, who can see when you’re ‘Online’

As the name suggests, now WhatsApp lets users choose who they want to share their ‘Online’ status indicator with.

 Usually, users want friends and family members to know they’re active on the app.

Although, this feature helps  when you want to use WhatsApp privately.

Later this month, WhatsApp plans to release the ability to hide your Online status indicator to all users. 

With this, users will be able to regulate the visibility of their Online status between all users, contacts only and nobody.

This is going to work in a similar fashion to other elements like read receipts that can be controlled.

2. Disable Screenshot  For ‘View Once’ Messages

This feature is the enhancement of the earlier feature for ‘View Once’ message.

With this feature, WhatsApp users will no longer be able to take screenshots of a ‘View Once’ message if the sender chooses to block screenshots on it. 

This will be a great enhancement to the ‘View Once’ feature which enables users to send photos or videos without leaving behind a digital footprint of them.

It seems logical too as taking screenshots of such messages beats the whole point of sending a ‘View Once’ text.

So far, the date for the release for  this feature is yet not revealed by WhatsApp, only expected to be released soon as it is currently being tested.

3. Exiting For WhatsApp groups Silently

With the implementation of this feature, all the users could exit any groups they are a part of silently, without notifying other users of their exit. 

This will be  helpful to those users who  don’t want any attention attracted towards them while leaving a group.

For some an exit to be awkward,  

especially the ones users have been a part of for long enough.

Notably, the group admins will still be notified of the exit.

So, still users cannot leave a group without the admins finding out about it. 

WhatsApp plans to start rolling out this feature to all users this month.

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