TCS, Wipro, Infosys, HCL Hire 78,500 Employees; Smash 8 Years Of Recruitment Record

India has a booming IT sector, whose growth increases every passing moment. In this sector, there are employees who face the ax for multiple purposes, however, people with the right skills are cherished always.

But today, we are talking about the eight-year high that the hiring rate has hit in Indian IT companies.

Yes, that’s right! Top Indian IT companies have hired an approximate number of 78,500 employees, which is the highest number in eight years!

Read on to know the details!

Highest Hiring Rate in Eight Years!

Four IT companies of India, TCS, Infosys, Wipro, HCL Tech have hired around 78,500 employees, which is the highest in eight years. For the last five years, from 2013 to 2018, the recruited number of employees never went above 70,000.

This is the highest number reached after the financial year 2012 when 81,722 candidates were hired on a net basis by the four companies together. This number managed to break all records of previous years’ number.

As per our previous reports, in the nine months up until December 2018, these exact four IT companies hired around 70,000 employees.  

Hiring and Firing

Of the grand total of 78,500, Tata Consultancy Services made up for 44% of it. TCS also made headlines for breaking all records when they declared their target of hiring 28,000 freshers, directly from campus.

Next in line is Infosys at 23.7%. Infosys, India’s 2nd biggest IT firm which hired 24,016 employees during 2018-2019, which made the total number of employees in the company 2,28,123.  

Wipro stands third, with 17.8% and HCL Tech constituted for 14.3% of the total recruitment.

On the other hand is IBM, which outrageously fired as much as 300 employees to ‘reinvent themselves.’

Candidates With Skill Sets Preferred By IT Companies

As per analysts, the increase in the number of recruitment sheds light on the faith that these companies have about the increase in demand in the coming year. They also said that these companies are hiring people based on their skillsets.

Employees with a sound knowledge of the upcoming and latest technology such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, analytics were given more preference than others. Automation is on the rise, and IT companies tend to give candidates with a knack for that priority over others.

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