IBM Will Fire 300 Employees To ‘Reinvent Themselves’; HCL Will Hire 10,000 Freshers In India?

IBM will fire 300 employees
IBM will fire 300 employees

In the past few weeks, we have been sharing some very encouraging news about IT industry in India: TCS, Infosys and Wipro are in a hiring spree, and they have smashed few recruitment records as well.

In the same spirit, HCL, which has now become India’s 3rd biggest IT services company, has announced that they will hire 12000 freshers this year.

However, there is some bad news coming in from IBM, which is considered as among the top 3 IT companies in the world. In India, IBM has fired 300 employees, as they seek to reinvent themselves.

What is happening here?

IBM Fires 300 Employees In India

IBM, which has more employees in India than any other nation in world (1.3 lakh), has triggered a new round of layoffs in India.

As per confirmed reports coming in, IBM has already fired 300 employees in India.

Overall, IBM has 3.5 lakh employees, out of which 1.3 lakh are in India, which is more than the even US, where IBM is headquartered.

An IBM spokesperson said that these firings have been done so that the 107 years old IT behemoth can ‘reinvent’ themselves.

He said, “This in accordance with IBM’s strategy to re-invent itself to better meet the changing requirements of our business and to pioneer new high-value services.”

As per reports, most of these fired employees were in the services division.

It seems that IBM is committed to increasing its headcount across Cloud computing, AI and Machine Learning technolgies while reducing their numbers in other departments.

After Cognizant said that they will fire a lot of middle-level managers across the globe, this is the second biggest layoff news coming in the from IT industry.

More details are awaited.

HCL Will Hire 12,000 Freshers

Meanwhile HCL, which has just beaten Wipro to become India’s 3rd largest IT services company, has announced that they will hire 12,000 freshers this year.

Out of that, 10,000 freshers will be hired in India, whereas 2000 would be hired from the US.

This has been confirmed by HCL chief human resources officer Apparao V. V., as he said, “We are very bullish on campus hiring this year. In fact, we are doubling it.”

Some major highlights related with HCL’s recruitment drive:

  • In the next 12 months, total of 20,000 employees will be hired in the experience range of 2-10 years
  • Right now, HCL is experiencing 15% attrition rate, which they consider as satisfactory
  • HCL will focus on hiring women this year, and balance gender gap. This year, 8 more women VPs will be hired, taking the total to 16 women VPs in the company
  • HCL is also focussing heavily on reskilling: Last year, there were total of 1,77,351 sessions of training and reskilling sessions in the company, which trained 79,970 employees.

We will keep you updated as we receive more information.

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