HCL Opposes Dual-Employment But Doesn’t Consider Moonlighting As A ‘Big Issue’ For Their Company

HCL has finally weighed in on the moonlighting debate.

HCL Opposes Dual-Employment But Doesn't Consider Moonlighting As A 'Big Issue' For Their Company
IT giant HCL Technologies announced earlier this week that it would hire engineering graduates for its office campus in Noida, for the role of Senior Analyst.

Ramachandran Sundararajan, Chief People Officer of HCL said that the company does not approve of dual employment.

People Officer speaks

To be precise

“Dual employment while working for HCL Tech…we do not approve of that. 

Everybody who signs up to work for HCL Tech is signing up employment contract which requires exclusivity. 

The requirements around confidentiality, and non compete… all those provisions that are there we expect our employees to honour those commitments”.

Despite his stance he did say that the issue hasn’t emerged as a big problem within the company.

“We don’t have that as big problem that we have too many people indulging in dual employment. 

It is not a big problem. We have had one or two stray instances,” he said.


The Indian IT industry has been embroiled in this debate.

Wipro laid off 300 employees who were caught working for its competitors while being on the company’s payroll.

Executive chairman Rishad Premji said, “It is very simple. It is an act of integrity violation. We terminated the services of those people.” 

When asked about the backlash the company received, he said he maintained his stance.

Complete variable pay assured

Coming to the topic of whether HCL will pay the complete variable pay to its staff, it said  whether it is pay increase in this cycle or managing variable pay even in tough times, the company has stayed on course and stuck to its policy.

Equally, there has been no change in the company’s approach to variable pay or even annual compensation review.

The only difference in the latter has been with regard to the top leadership team where compensation has been deferred by a quarter.

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