IBM India Refuses To Penalise Employees For Working From Home!

IBM Consulting has released return-to-office guidelines.

IBM India Refuses To Penalise Employees For Working From Home!

Hybrid work

There are two interesting takeaways from this.

It sees value in a hybrid model of both working remotely and being face-to-face with clients, whenever possible.

So its India employees are to work from office three days a week.

With that said, workers will not be penalised if they are not able to go into the workplace.

Adapting post pandemic

It said that it acknowledged the importance of balancing both work and home life.

Going ahead it intends to “address the pent-up demand from the pandemic and to make up for lost opportunities in the “remote-only world”.

“We want to address the pent-up demand that we see coming out of the pandemic because we see some of what we lost in a remote-only world. 

We know coming together in person can spark ideas, the innovative thinking that we’re known for, and tacit learning for the next generation of consultants by working together with more experienced colleagues.

Flexibility and independence

In-person time is also about creating trust and building long-term relationships with clients”  reads the IBM Consulting Return to Workplace Playbook FAQ.

The company further explained that its approach is based on flexibility along with allowing workers to independently decide when and how often to collaborate in person.

Such an approach can help both individual team members and their collective business requirements.

“Our focus remains on outcomes, not activities, and how work gets done as a team because that is a better barometer of how employees are supporting the business,” the statement added.

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