ATM Fraud Strikes Delhi: 19 Lakhs Robbed From 87 People; Is ATM Skimming The Reason?

Another incident of ATM scam has hit Delhi, and this time, the impact is more severe than ever seen before. A whopping 19 lakhs has been stolen from 3 ATMs, and 87 people have reported the fraud. All within 7 days only.

The scenario of the crime is in Delhi and has become so extreme that the Delhi Police was left with no way than to put up a cyber team to help solve the crime.

Is this a case of damaging the ATM machines and removing the money forcefully? Or is it another card skimming incident? Read on to know all the details.

19 Lakhs Stolen From 3 ATMs in 7 Days

It all started on May 1, when the first complaint was registered at the Tilak Nagar police station, which led the police to think that the theft was occurring at one particular ATM only.

But the police later deduced that the crime was committed at a total of three ATMs, all in the Tilak Nagar Area. The constantly increasing number of complaints was their first clue to this deduction.

As per the Delhi Police, people who have been hit by this fraud are customers of around 16 private banks. An amount of around 19 lakhs has been wrongfully withdrawn from these ATMs, and each person to complain has been scammed of any amount ranging between Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 50,000.

Delhi Police Confirm Card Skimming

Police had initially suspected the work of a Romanian card cloning gang, but now they are of the opinion that some locals are behind the whole scam.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (west), Monika Bhardwaj confirmed that the police think it is a case of skimming ATM cards to loot money. Allegedly, a gang of fraudsters installed skimming machines in order to copy the data of ATM cards of victims.

Bhardwaj also said, “We have put our cyber team on the case and a team from the local police station will also be deputed. A case under IPC section 420 has been registered at Tilak Nagar police station.”

If in case you are worried about the ATMs in your locality, here’s what you should do:

Apparently, if a skimming machine has been installed in an ATM, the first transaction that is carried out is delayed or canceled. If you experience a delayed or a canceled transaction at the first attempt, make sure you check the ATM thoroughly for any skimming devices installed.

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