Gang Of Fraudsters Arrested For Robbing Olx, Quikr Users: This Is How They Tricked Users

Gang Of Fraudsters Arrested For Robbing Olx, Quikr Users: This Is How They Tricked Users

Gang Of Fraudsters Arrested For Robbing Olx, Quikr Users: This Is How They Tricked Users

Thieves have always found new and innovative ways to con people and make easy money. Nonetheless, the thieves have found the internet not only as the easy tool to carry out their operations but also a perfect cover and hiding place. 

Scams on online marketplaces have been taking place for some time now. Though platforms like OLX, Quikr suggest the buyers meet the seller in person, many people have fallen prey to scams on these platforms. 

Recently, the Delhi Police has arrested a gang of cyber criminals actively operating on classified ads platforms like Olx.

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How to Know If You Are Being Conned?

The cyber team in Vivek Vihar busted the gang after a victim complained of losing Rs 71,949 while using Olx to buy a used car.

The platforms like OLX or Quikr require you to post an ad for anything you want to sell, say cycle, guitar, furniture etc. After which you soon get a call from an ‘interested buyer’ on the mobile number shared in the ad. 

Like at any marketplace, bargaining is a common practice when someone buys through Olx or Quikr. For certain products, you may even get multiple calls in quick intervals from several ‘prospective buyers’ who may even quote double or triple of the expected selling price

However, if the caller is a fraudster he will usually not bargain at all and may agree to whatever price you quote for the product you are selling. If someone isn’t bargaining or is ready to pay a ridiculously high amount then it should alert you immediately.

The fraudster will use the ‘Request Money’ option on UPI apps to ask for money from you instead of transferring money. 

This is the crucial step where people lose their money. Without reading the SMS properly from UPI apps, they simply click on it and the money gets transferred from your account to theirs.

The Massive Reason Behind These Scams!

These scams start and happen largely due to the lack of understanding of app-based payment services and UPI among the general public.

The entire fraud happens on UPI. The caller, after agreeing upon the price, will say that he/she will send the full amount or some booking money via Google Pay, PhonePe or other UPI apps.

To secure merchant payments, Paytm and other UPI apps send you an OTP to approve the payment to a shopkeeper. In this case, the fraud caller might use a merchant account and get an OTP generated for a debit from your account and will ask for it. Never share any such OTPs with anyone over call. Always know that OTPs are generated when you take out money from your account. If someone transfers money or adds money to your account, you will never get an OTP.

Here is How you can Avoid Any Cyber Crime!

  1. Do not share account information like CVV, OTP, expiry date, etc with anyone. No bank employee or online payment app employee is authorized to ask such information.
  2. Do not connect with the bank or any online payment app by searching for customer care numbers on Google or social media platforms.
  3. Do not pick up calls from unidentified numbers claiming to be banks or online payment apps.
  4. Do not enter UPI pin or pay money when you are receiving money.
  5. Do not install third party apps like Screen Share, Teamviewer, etc
  6. Do not pay any amount to secure a job. No job or internship providing site asks you to pay any amount to secure a job.

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