TCS, Infosys Added 50K Jobs In 2019; IT Jobs At All High Time, Breaks 3-Year Record With 1 Lakh Jobs

Indian IT Sector created 1 lakh jobs
Indian IT Sector created 1 lakh jobs

Defying all predictions and researches of unemployment, Indian IT industry is on a roll this year.

Since last 12 months, more than 1 lakh jobs have been created in the sector, which is highest since last three years.

Which companies are hiring the most?

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TCS, Infosys Leak Job Creation Growth in India

TCS, world’s most powerful IT services company and Infosys, India’s 2nd biggest IT firm is leading the growth of new jobs in India.

During the fiscal year 2019, these two companies collectively added 53,303 jobs in India, which is a new record.

TCS alone added 29,000 employees during 2018-19, which makes their total employee strength as 4,24,285. Although TCS employees were upset over getting wrist watch as Golden Jubilee celebration, the company has posted a robust financial report, the profits are high.

On the other hand Infosys added  24,016 employees in the same period, thereby taking their total workforce to 2,28,123.

Top 7 Indian IT Companies Added 1 Lakh Jobs

Overall, Indian IT sector is on a roll, generating jobs like never before.

Top 7 Indian IT firms collectively added 1 lakh jobs in 2018-19, which is the highest number since last three years, ever since demonetisation rocked India.

If we compare, then the difference is indeed big.

In the last two fiscal years, overall Indian IT industry added 30,181 jobs and 82,919 respectively, and this fiscal, top 7 IT companies have alone added 1 lakh jobs.

These top 7 IT companies are: TCS, Infosys, HCL, Wipro, Tech Mahindra and Cognizant.

HCL added 12,328 new jobs, whereas Wipro added 8,559 jobs. These data are only till Q3, of FY2019, and once data for Q4 is revealed, the number will certainly go up.

Overall, 104,820 new jobs were added in India, by the top 7 IT firms.

Why This New Matters?

Indian IT industry has proved yet again, that they can achieve anything, even beat unemployement predictions and reports.

As per a recent report by Centre for Sustainable Employment (CSE) at Azim Premji University, it was found that 50 lakh people lost their jobs after demonetisation.

The findings of these facts were derived from research done by Consumer Pyramids Survey of the Centre for Monitoring the Indian Economy (CMIE-CPDX), which is an independent research firm from Mumbai. Every 4 years, they survey 1.6 lakh households, and derive the pulse of the employablity index in India.

However, the massive job creation done by the IT sector defies the research and assumptions of CSE study.

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