Capgemini’s Massive Hiring Plan For India: 48,000 New Employees By 2021-End, Both Freshers, Experienced

The French IT major Capgemini has more than half of its workforce in India. 

The IT services major has already hired over 45,000 employees all around the globe in 2020, with about 24,000 employees in India itself.

The company has informed that despite having a low attrition rate, it will continue to hire for lateral positions, with similar targets, i.e., over 24,000 in India, or more by the end of 2021.

Capgemini on a Hiring Spree

In an exclusive interview with Business Insider, Capgemini India Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) Pallavi Tyagi has given detailed reports on the company’s performance during the Covid-era, along with insights on further hirings.

She has confirmed that despite a drop in attrition levels, the company will continue to increase lateral hirings.

In clarification, lateral hiring is not the same as hiring freshers, as the former hires for a specific role. Companies hire to address an expert for a specific need that already exists within the company.

“There may be a certain want of a skill, which is missing, which we say we can definitely upskill within the organisation and we hire laterals accordingly,” says Tyagi.

After adding almost 45,000 employees onboard globally, with over 24,000 from India, Capgemini aims at hiring in similar numbers even next year.

Capgemini’s Bookings Surge to Approx $4.6 billion

Capgemini has been outperforming itself this year.

This can clearly be seen from its 17.4% yearly increase in bookings amounting to €3.9 billion, or $4.6 billion, in Q3, ending Sept 30.

This is a 17.4% increase as compared to the numbers recorded last year in 2019.

The company’s new deals include building digital twins for a network of European factores and upgrading the industrial network that connects Mexico to China, as per the interview.

The big shift that Capgemini, and its peer companies, have seen is taking whatever training and skilling is required online. To address that requirement, it introduced the AI driven ‘Next’ platform for personalised microlearning.

The company pegs the digital learning platform as a one-stop shop for employees to keep up with whatever they may need.

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