Jio Will Teach You How To Use Whatsapp – 2nd Major Collaboration With Whatsapp!

Jio and Whatsapp has collaborated to create awareness about Whatsapp on JioPhones

Jio and Whatsapp will teach how to use Whatsapp
Jio and Whatsapp will teach how to use Whatsapp

In a first of its kind initiative, Reliance Jio has joined hands with Whatsapp for a major educational initiative.

They both will now teach rural and semi-urban users, how to use Whatsapp on JioPhone.

After their campaign on fake news, this is their 2nd major initiative together.

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Jio Will Teach How To Use Whatsapp On JioPhone

Last month, JioPhone users were finally able to use Whatsapp on their feature phones, a major development, considering Whatsapp is world’s and India’s largest messaging app.

Now, to generate more awareness, and more popularity, Jio, and Whatsapp both will reach out to users, and teach them how to properly use Whatsapp on their JioPhones.

A Whatsapp spokesperson said, “Jio has an important role in driving India’s digital revolution by empowering millions of Indians.”

How And What Will They Teach?

As per incoming reports, Jio and Whatsapp will travel to interiors of states like UP, MP, Rajasthan, Punjab via vans, trucks, and then teach the users how to use Whatsapp on JioPhone.

In the first phase, Jio and Whatsapp will visit 10 cities in these states.

If we analyze this step, we will find it a brilliant one: They are traveling to those destinations which have high-probability of JioPhone users.

Giving them a first-hand demo on how to use the app will not only make Whatsapp more popular, but also enable the users of JioPhone to explore and discover more apps, more functionalities, and more features.

Both Youtube and Whatsapp, along with Google Maps were recently introduced in JioPhone, which is powered by KaiOS.

Users will be taught how to send images, texts to one another, how to make video calls, and more.

Jio + Whatsapp = A Formidable Team?

This is JioPhone and Whatsapp’s 2nd collaboration, together.

Earlier, they had partnered to curb fake news – Users were taught how to spot fake news, and how to stop its spread.

Around 25 million users have JioPhone now, and this was indeed a good step. New users were provided with leaflets, showcasing the steps for detecting a fake news, and what to do when such a fake news is detected.

If you are a JioPhone user, and still haven’t downloaded Whatsapp, then you can check out this blog, and find out how to download the app right now.

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    I think jiske pass Jio phone hoga, wo ya to apne aap sikh Lega ya fir whatsapp ko wo use hi nahi karega.

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