JioPhone 3 Is The Next Disruptor: Launch Date, Price, USPs, Specs & More

Reliance Jio is again set to disrupt the market with its latest Android Go smartphone!

JioPhone3 will be all touch?
JioPhone3 will be all touch?

After the tremendous success of JioPhone in 2017, the company launched its successor, JioPhone 2 in 2018. While the first generation continues to do well in the market, the company is now set to launch the third iteration of the very-successful JioPhone.

The latest JioPhone is being developed on the Android Go platform.

The second generation JioPhone 2 failed to repeat the success with a QWERTY keyboard styled smartphone. But the upcoming JioPhone 3 may again change the fortune for Reliance Jio. The smartphone will come with a full touchscreen display, a first for any JioPhone.


JioPhone 3: Features & Specifications

The rumours about JioPhone 3 hint at an all-touchscreen display. While the first two JioPhones: JioPhone and JioPhone 2 will continue to sell in the market, the upcoming JioPhone 3 is going to be more powerful and will be pricier.

According to a latest report, JioPhone 3 will come with a 5-inch full screen touch display, a first for a JioPhone.

Both JioPhone and JioPhone 2 feature have a physical keyboard, JioPhone has a standard T9 layout, while JioPhone 2 has been styled like a BlackBerry smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard. The large screen on JioPhone 3 makes it an attractive proposition.

JioPhone 3: Camera, Software & Storage

The JioPhone 3 will come with 2GB of RAM amd 64GB storage as per the rumours. The smartphone will also support expandable storage with an external microSD card. At the back, JioPhone 3 will come with a 5-megapixel camera, and on the front, there will be a 2-megapixel shooter.

The new JioPhone 3 will come with a more powerful hardware, preferably a Snapdragon processor is expected.

The smartphone will come with latest smart functionalities, and will be powered by Android Go. So, the smartphone will run on the latest Android Pie Go version, backed by timely updates and security patches from Google.

The first two JioPhones ran on KaiOS platform. But the latest JioPhone 3 will be ditching the OS for a full screen display experience with latest smart features.

JioPhone 3 Price | JioPhone 3 Pricing

The upcoming JioPhone 3 price is expected to be comparatively high. The first two JioPhone smartphones were priced at low-level entry price points. But with JioPhone 3, the price is expected to touch around 4,500 rupees due to better features and specifications.

The JioPhone 3 price will also depend on its upcoming exclusive plans for the device.

JioPhone was launched at Rs 1,500 while the JioPhone 2 was launched at Rs 2,999. The full touch screen display, Android Go and better hardware will push the price to at least Rs 4,000, or maybe more.

JioPhone 3 Launch | JioPhone 3 India Launch

JioPhone 3 launch will be held in June 2019. Reliance usually hosts its annual meet during June-July. It has launched the first two JioPhones: JioPhone and the JioPhone 2 at the respective Reliance Annual General Meetings of 2017 and 2018.

The JioPhone 3 launch is expected at the Reliance AGM 2019.

The company partnered up with Google for an Android Go smartphone back in 2017. But finally in 2019 we will probably have a Reliance Jio Android Go smartphone in the form of JioPhone 3.

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