JioPhone Powered With Whatsapp Now – This Is How You Can Get Whatsapp In 2 Steps!

After Google Maps, and Facebook, JioPhone users can now use Whatsapp as well.

Whatsapp now available on JioPhones
Whatsapp now available on JioPhones

Finally, it has been done. World’s most popular messenger app: Whatsapp is now available on JioPhone and JioPhone 2, and the world of feature phone market changes from this point.

Keep reading, as we will share those two simple steps for downloading and using Whatsapp on your JioPhone.

JioPhone To All Users: Use Whatsapp Now!

JioPhone, which was launched in August 2017 has now Whatsapp, officially.

KaiOS, which powers JioPhone, was rumored to have Whatsapp since long: We had previously showcased three strong indicators of the same.

Now, it has been confirmed.

Google Maps was already embedded into JioPhone in July this year, and in February this year, Facebook became the first 3rd party app on JioPhone.

Interestingly, KaiOS is already funded by Google, and we can witness a few more Google related apps on JioPhone in coming days.

On the occasion of making Whatsapp available on JioPhone, Mr. Akash Ambani, Director, Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, said, “We will be providing WhatsApp, the most used chat application in the world, on all JioPhones starting today. Jio wants to thank the Facebook and WhatsApp team for making this happen.”

How To Download Whatsapp In JioPhone: 2 Easy Steps

  • Visit JioPhone App Store on your JioPhone (JioPhone 2 as well)
  • Download the Whatsapp app and start using.

JioPhone users just need to verify their phone numbers before using Whatsapp – they can send images, chats, voice messages and more, just like Whatsapp installed on any other smartphone. And, the messages shall be encrypted as well.

Whatsapp will be available on JioPhone AppStore starting September 10th, and would be rolled out for all JioPhones starting September 20th.

JioPhone Breaking All Records!

During the announcement of Whatsapp availability on JioPhones, Reliance shared some interesting numbers and facts related to the usage and sales of JioPhones.

Some highlights:

  • In the sub-Rs 1500 category of feature phones, JioPhone now occupies 80% market share. We have already reported how JioPhone has shown stunning growth of 155,000% in the last one year, since their launch
  • JioPhone is right now India’s largest selling phone, across all categories
  • The number of Voice Commands available on JioPhone is 5-times that of any smartphone
  • The number of hours spent on JioPhones accessing web and apps is more than the number of hours spent on the same by any other smartphone user. This means that the data gamble of 4G which Reliance betted on JioPhone is a success.

Are you using JioPhones? How is your experience? Do share your views and opinions by commenting right here!

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