Geotagging Will Reveal Black Money; Govt. Will Hire Spies To Win Cyber Wars!

New age technologies and strategies are being used to counter black money and cyber wars.

India prepares for cyber wars with spies
India prepares for cyber wars with spies

As per reports coming in, Indian Govt. is all set to unleash some ‘smart moves’ in order to tackle black money, and to win cyber wars waged against the nation.

Very soon, Govt. will hire professional spies who will help us to stop cyber terrorism.

What are these new methods? Keep reading to find out more!

Fight Against Black Money Becomes ‘Smarter’

The problem of black money is directly linked with the problem of shell companies.

Known as ‘letterbox companies’, there are thousands of such shell companies operating out of a single address, just to mask their identity and to indulge in Hawala transactions.

But not anymore.

Very soon, The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) will ask companies to geotag their office location and share the data while filing tax returns.

Once the data comes in regarding such addresses, then Govt. can scoop down on these addresses, and reveal the shell companies which are operating just for the purpose of money laundering.

A Special Investigating Team was created in 2015, to tackle the issue of Black Money, and the SIT clearly told the Govt. that shell companies need to be weeded out, if they are serious about Black Money.

Now, geotagging can help the Govt. to identify such shell companies, and stop the flow of money laundering.

The issue which comes in between handling such shell companies is that, in India, the definition of shell company is ambiguous. It is not a crime per se to register more than one company in a single address, and there are hundreds of consultants who house company headquarters (atleast on paper), of several organizations.

It would be interesting to observe how geotagging can help in identifying shell companies, and to handle the issue of black money.

Govt. Will Hire Spies For Winning Cyber Wars!

Meanwhile another set of reports are coming in, which claims that soon, Govt. will hire professional spies for countering cyber terrorism.

This shall be part of the long-term anti-terrorism vision of the Govt.

Officials from National Security Council Secretariat (NSCS), newly-formed National Cyber Investigation Agency (NCIA), National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO), Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) have been notified of the same, and the process of recruit spies are on.

Once recruited, these spies would be placed inside the dark web, snooping on the conversations which are happening, and recording anti-India talks and actions.

These spies would be also infiltrating gaming communities and social media for gathering inputs, and to fight cyber terrorists.

An unnamed senior IAS officer said, “Hiring virtual spies would be a part of long-term counter-terrorism strategies,”

Recently, reports came in that China is using Linkedin and other social networks to plant spies inside US Colleges, and we all know how Chinese Govt. spies on literally anything which is spoken online.

Do you think India too needs spies for the online world? Do let us know by commenting right here!

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