Jio Phone Will Soon Have WhatsApp – 3 Strong Indicators Which Confirm This!

A partnership with Facebook definitely opens door for future joint tasks on WhatsApp as well.


Jio Phone Will Soon Get WhatsApp

WhatsApp is world’s largest and most popular messenger with over 1 billion users all over the world and around 200+ million users in India.

Jio Phone, the revolutionary low-cost VoLTE enabled phones from Jio camp is becoming one of the most popular and budget phone for the new Internet users in India. It has already beaten Samsung to become India’s largest selling feature phone.

However, WhatsApp is still not available on Jio Phone, and this is something which has been a major issue for all users.

But, some strong signals are coming in, which indicates that very soon, WhatsApp would be available on Jio phones.

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Here are these three pieces of evidence, which we have dug out:

#1: Indications By KaiOS

Jio Phone is powered by KaiOS, which has been created by a US based company, and it “merges the power of a smartphone with the affordability of a feature phone”

During the Mobile World Congress which happened last year, they announced several key partnerships with some of the largest apps and vendors; and one them is Facebook. And WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook.

In their blog post published last month, they announced their partnership with NXP Semiconductors, which powers some of the advanced features in Jio Phone. Besides, they also announced their partnership with Facebook, for rolling out their versions which can support the app.

We had already reported that Jio Phone will now feature Facebook, and this opens up new opportunities.

A partnership with Facebook definitely opens door for future joint tasks on WhatsApp as well. Although WhatsApp was not mentioned in their blog, but we can read between the lines here.

#2: KaiOS Priorities

As per, a leading blog focussed on the updates of WhatsApp has already reported that WhatsApp will stop supporting Nokia S40 effective December, 2018. And this way, the last of Symbian OS supported phone will be off the radar for WhatsApp.

At the same time, WhatsApp wants themselves to be relevant on atleast one non-touch phone, and KaiOS would be that.

Wabetainfo said in their blog said,

“We remember WhatsApp will stop to support Nokia S40 on next December 31, leaving the Symbian platform, but KaiOS will be supported instead.”

#3: Indications of WhatsApp For Jio Phone

And lastly, signals of KaiOS has been found in the latest WhatsApp beta for Windows Phone 2.18.38 version, as reported by Wabetainfo in their blog.

This is one of the strongest signals that KaiOS is indeed serious about WhatsApp, and a major announcement can be made anytime now.

We have already reported that high level talks are on between Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of Jio and WhatsApp engineers regarding their common future.

Do you think that inclusion of WhatsApp in Jio Phone will change the game?

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  1. NetGuy says

    We don’t want WhatsApp, we want FOSS software instead, which has far lesser chances of spying on you! – in this instance, that would be Telegram. Any chance THAT will get a Kai version???

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