Uber & Ola’s Massive Strike Spreads To Delhi – 5 Developments You Should Know!

la and Uber drivers have once again joined forces to carry on their unified strike in New Delhi-NCR region.


Uber & Ola's Massive Strike Reaches Delhi

4 days back, we had reported India’s biggest and most comprehensive strike by Ola and Uber drivers, whose epicentre was Mumbai.

In the last 4 days, we witnessed minimal impact in cities outside Mumbai, as Uber and Ola management tried hard to contain the damage, and convince the drivers to resume work.

However, starting today, both Ola and Uber drivers have once again joined forces to carry on their unified strike in New Delhi-NCR region.

Here are 5 updates which regular users of app-based cabs should be aware of:


Uber & Ola’s Massive Strike Reaches Delhi-NCR

After severely affecting Mumbai and some other cities, the massive strike by India’s biggest app-based taxi drivers has finally reached India’s capital, New Delhi, and surrounding suburbs. Just like in Mumbai, drivers from both Uber and Ola have united under Sarvodaya Drivers Association.

Kamaljeet Gill, president of the union said,

“We are carrying out a large-scale protest against the aggregators as they are paying one-third of the promised amount to the drivers. Hence, to press our demands further, the union has decided to stop operations temporarily for 24 hours,”

This is the first such instance of a Union-triggered strike, uniting both Ola and Uber drivers.

For Delhi strike, the drivers are asking for more income and more work. Currently, on an average, a driver with such app-based cabs earn between Rs 25-30,000. But, their demand is more. There are approximately 1.25 lakh Ola and Uber drivers in Delhi-NCR.

Ola Drivers Call Off Strike In Mumbai

After four days of the strike, Ola drivers in Mumbai have called off the strike, which was initiated by Raj Thackeray-led Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) and carried over by Maharashtra Navnirman Vahtuk Sena, a taxi union from Mumbai.

Sanjay Naik, the president of the transport wing under MNS has claimed ‘victory’ over Ola.

Uber Drivers Still On Strike in Mumbai

However, the same strike by Uber is still on in Mumbai, where approximately 45,000 Uber cabs exist. Naik said,

“An official of Uber will meet us here tomorrow (Friday) and a decision on the status of Uber drivers’ stir is expected after that meeting,”

Drivers Arrested in Mumbai

In the last four days, 12 people have been arrested in Mumbai, under Section 149 of CrPC relating to unlawful assembly. Sanjay Naik, along with other political leaders and drivers of Uber and Ola were arrested by Mumbai police, when they attempted to hold protests on the road.

Ola, Uber In Denial Mode Regarding Delhi Strike

Both Ola and Uber are still in denial mode when it comes to the Delhi strike, which has started from today.

An Ola representative said,

“It’s business as usual for us in Delhi-NCR.”

Meanwhile, an Uber representative said,

“There is no disruption to the service in Delhi-NCR, at this point. We are committed to serving the city, ensuring driver-partners can continue to access a stable income while giving riders a convenient, reliable option to get around Delhi-NCR.”

However, for the Mumbai strike, Ola has expressed their apologies. A rep said,

“Ola would like to apologise to all its customers for the inconvenience caused due to factors beyond its control,”

Have you been affected by the ongoing strike?

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