Uber, Ola Drivers Join Forces For India’s Biggest Strike For ‘Cab Neutrality’!

This has been declared as India’s largest, and most powerful strike against app-based cab companies, as drivers from all across the country have joined the protest.


Ola and Uber Drivers Join Strike For Cab Neutrality

Starting today, Ola and Uber’s drivers have announced an indefinite strike against their respective app-based cab companies.

This has been declared as India’s largest, and most powerful strike against app-based cab companies, as drivers from all across the country have joined the protests.

If you are dependent on Ola or Uber for your daily commute, then starting today, things can be a bit difficult starting today.

Let’s understand who is behind this massive strike, and what is the reason behind this?

Call For Cab Neutrality: Reason Behind The Strike!

There are two ways Ola or Uber runs in India: The owner has their own cab, which they align with the Ola or Uber, and either hires a driver to run it or drives it themselves. This is business model A. For every booking made, Uber and Ola cuts a percentage say 25% of the overall fare.

In business model B, the driver pays a minimal amount between Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000 to Ola, and Uber, and then gets a new vehicle which is owned by the company. In this, the driver takes bookings, and give a percentage to Ola and Uber as instalments, which goes on up to 3-5 years.

Now, the drivers who own their own vehicles, are alleging that Uber and Ola are partial towards the drivers who have bought the vehicles from them, and they are being given more bookings compared to them.

Hence, basically, this is a case of cab neutrality – Drivers of vehicles owned by Uber and Ola are being given better treatment than self-owned vehicle owners.

Besides cab neutrality, the issue of less income for drivers has also been highlighted.

Who Is Behind This Massive Strike?

Mumbai based Maharashtra Navnirman Vahtuk Sena has called this strike, which is being supported by Uber and Ola drivers from Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune and other cities.

Maharashtra Navnirman Vahtuk Sena claims to have a support base of thousands of drivers, who are working with Uber and Ola.

Sanjay Naik of Maharashtra Navnirman Vahatuk Sena said,

“Ola and Uber had given big assurances to the drivers, but today they are unable to cover their costs. They have invested Rs 500,000 – 700,000 and were expecting to make Rs 150,000 a month. But drivers are unable to make even half of this because of the mismanagement by these companies,”

Other taxi unions such as Mumbai Taximen’s Union have also joined the strike.

Meanwhile, police in Mumbai and other places have placed strict bandobast to avoid any untoward incident.

Pandit Thorat, senior inspector of the Andheri police station said,

“Notices of section 149 of CrPC have been issued to Sanjay Naik, president, Arif Shaikh and Nitin Nandgaokar of the Maharashtra Navnirman Vahatuk Sena as preventive action. If they violate any orders, they are liable to be prosecuted.”

Uber and Ola have been cautious in their approach, and they are taking their time to resolve this issue.

An Ola spokesperson said,

“We have been informed by the Mumbai Police that they have proactively taken all the necessary steps to ensure the safety of commuters during the cab rides in the city,”

It’s not that strikes haven’t taken place earlier, but this time, drivers of both Ola and Uber, pan-India have joined forces, and participating in a collective strike.

We will keep you updated as we receive more information.

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