How To Get Android 9.0 Pie On Any Phone In 5 Easy Steps?

The latest Android version is called Pie, and this has triggered ripples all around the tech world.

Android P is finally here!
Android P is finally here!

So it’s not Pistachio or Popsicle, the latest Android is to be called Pie. Google has officially rolled out the stable version of Android 9.0 which comes with some fresh customizations and controls.

You can get Android Pie if you have a Pixel smartphone or the Essential phone.

But, if you want to try out a slice of the latest Android Pie before Google brings Android 9.0 to other phones, here’s a way you can get it now.


How To Get Android Pie On Any Phone?

The new Android Pie is limited to Google’s Pixel phones and Rubin’s Essential phone only. For Pixel users, you just have to simply update your system to get the latest Android Pie on your device.

For other Android users, it may seem a little harsh, but Google has always been like that. Its segmentation of the latest OS is the slowest in the world.

But, here’s a way you can try a slice of the latest Android Pie on any Android smartphone. Its a third-party Android 9.0 based launcher with almost similar features, but some of the controls are missing. Though, it isn’t too bad to give your Android Pie journey a head-start.

Follow these steps to get Android P on your non-Pixel smartphone.

Step 1. Download The APK

Download this Android 9.0 APK on your Android smartphone. It’s an unofficial Android Pie launcher, but it will make your Android smartphone look like you have the latest Android 9.0 OS with half of the features.

Step 2. Installing The APK

Once you finish downloading, install the APK file on your Android smartphone, and hit the home button. You will get an option to pick a launcher for your device, you need to select the new Pixel Launcher.

Step 3. Default Settings

If you don’t get the option, you need to press the home button again and reselect the launcher manually. Select “Always”, and the Pixel Launcher will now be set to default.

Step 4. Selecting The Launcher

Now go to Settings and select the applications you want to use with the new Pixel Launcher. Your selected apps will work in the same manner as apps work on an Android Pie device.

Step 5. Granting Permissions

Lastly, now go to the Pixel Launcher again and then grant Permissions to enable access to the basic functions the launcher will need, like location, files and storage.

So, When Will Google Release Android Pie For Other Android Smartphones?

This is the most legit question right now. Google Pixel users probably cover nearly 2 percent of all the Android users on earth. Call it an indirect marketing technique to prioritize Pixel smartphones or its outdated system of OS fragmentation, Google is never serious with how it can roll out the latest Android to the maximum number of users possible.

Its true that not all devices out there can support the latest OS, but the company should make sure to roll out Android Pie to the supported devices as soon as possible.

The latest Nokia Phones, Android One smartphones, Nexus devices, OnePlus 6 and a few others may get the latest Android Pie by the end of August. For other Oreo Android users, you may have to wait till the end of 2018 for some Pie!

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