Jio Phone Monsoon Hungama: Buy Jio Phone For Rs 501; Know These 7 Important Facts!

Jio wants to convert 50 crore feature phone users into Jio Phone.

Monsoon Hungama for Jio Phone!
Monsoon Hungama for Jio Phone!

Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Jio is now all set to unleash the second wave of handset disruption, all across the nation.

Monsoon Hungama is now back, and starting July 20th, everything changes.

Here are 7 urgent facts which you should know: In case you are a feature phone user, then pay special attention!


Fact #1: What It Is?

Under Monsoon Hungama, any feature phone user can exchange their phone for a brand new Jio Phone, by paying just Rs 501. Hence, Rs 501 shall be the effective price of a new Jio Phone, under Monsoon Hungama.

Jio has specified that any feature phone, of any model would be exchanged for a new Jio Phone.

Fact #2: When?

The new and enhanced period of Monsoon Hungama starts at July 20th, at exactly 5.01 PM (as per information received by us). The new Jio Phone would be delivered starting August 15th.

Fact #3: Where?

Users can visit any nearest Jio outlet, and carry the exchange. We haven’t received information regarding telephonic or online exchange of old feature phone.

Fact #4: Apps?

By exchanging their old feature phones, and by paying Rs 501, users will be able to get a new Jio Phone which will have Whatsapp, Facebook, Youtube and other popular apps inbuilt. KaiOS has recently been updated with support for these apps.

These new Jio Phones would be VoLTE based, and powered with GPS as well.

Users can use these apps only after August 15th, because the handsets would be delivered only after that.

Fact #5: Bundled Plans?

No, not as of now. At the time of writing this news, Jio hasn’t announced any bundled data plans or voice plans with the new Jio Phone. However, we are anticipating that bundled plans shall be soon announced.

As of now, users can get a new Jio Phone by exchanging their old feature phones and paying Rs 501. Once you get the Jio Phone, you will need to buy a Jio SIM (if you don’t already have), and recharge with minimum Rs 49 or Rs 153.

Fact #6: Early Bird Advantage?

You can register for the Monsoon Hungama Offer by visiting or MyJio app, and clicking on the Monsoon Hungama banner. However, after doing this, you will be officially enrolled for the offer. Expect long queues at Jio outlets, as the actual exchange shall take place only at the outlets (based on current information).

Fact #7: Why Jio has offered this new plan?

Because Jio wants to extend Internet connectivity to all feature phone users, across India. As per official statement from Jio, they are mainly asking those 50 crore feature phone users who have still not experience the magic of Jio’s 4G, and are using Internet-less feature phones.

Stay tuned, as we will update this blog with more information – as and when it comes!

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