Searching Ileana D’Cruz, Deepika Padukone Is Risky, Says McAfee!

Hackers are now targeting popular pop-culture icons to attack users

Searching Searching Ileana D’Cruz is risky
Searching Ileana D’Cruz is risky!

Pop-culture affects an entire generation. Actresses such as  Ileana D’Cruz, Deepika Padukone and others are popular celebrities, icons of pop-culture whom we search online for getting news, views, images, clips on the web.

However, searching these celebrities can prove to be ‘risky’, as per anti-virus behemoth McAfee.

What exactly is the risk involved here? Keep reading to find out!

McAfee’s List Of Risky Celebrities Is Out!

Every year, McAfee brings out the list of risky celebrities, on the web. The list includes those celebrities, whose search results can potentially harm your computer/mobile.

In this year, the list has been named as ‘Most Sensational Celebrity’ for 2018, and guess who tops this list?

Popular  Bollywood actress Ileana D’Cruz has beaten Kapil Sharma to top the list of riskiest celebrities in India!

Last year, it was Kapil Sharma who had topped the list.

Who Else Are Included In This List?

Surprisingly, yesteryear’s superstar Preity Zinta has managed to bag the second slot in this exclusive list. She is followed by even older, and veteran actress Tabu.

We didn’t expect either Preity or Tabu to be included in this list, but this is the reality now.

At #4 is another youth icon and popular celebrity Kriti Salon, followed by Akshay Kumar at #5 and legendary actor Rishi Kapoor at #8. Deepika Padukone, right now Bollywood’s #1 actress is positioned at #7.

Priyanka Chopra, who is making waves in Hollywood is ranked at #8, followed by Parineeti Chopra at #9 and yesteryear’s superstar Govinda at #10.

Why Searching These Celebrities Is Risky?x

As per Venkat Krishnapur, who is the Vice-President of Engineering and Managing Director, McAfee, when users search these celebrities, then they will be greeted with websites and portals which have malicious codes and hidden spyware. Now, eager to know and see more about their favorite celebrities, the users will click on these links, thereby inviting viruses and malware into their system.

In fact, such are the advanced viruses that they can even impersonate your identity, without any alarm or warning.

Venkat suggests every Internet user to be cautious, as he said, “As a precaution, consumers need to think before they click and avoid suspicious links that promise free content featuring favorite celebrities, movies, TV shows or pictures to protect themselves from cyber fraud.”

McAfee has made it clear that the malware and virus attacks on users will arise from the search per se, but from the third party websites which come up as SERP or Search Engine Result Pages.

Some keywords which are paired along with the main celebrity keywords are: “torrent”, “free torrent”, “free pics”, “hot pics” and more.

Do you think that searching these celebrities can land you in trouble? Do let us know by commenting right here!

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