Rail Passengers or Robbers? 5 Theft Incidents Which Will Shame Every Indian Traveller!

What motivates Rail passengers to steal things from the train?

Shameful incidents of passengers stealing
Shameful incidents of passengers stealing

We are not exactly proud as we write this blog, because it is shaming us, embarrassing us.

Recent numbers related to the theft of pillow covers, bed-sheets, face towels etc have come in, which has resulted in a huge financial loss for Indian Railways.

As per Railway Officials, the loss is recovered from the salaries of AC Coach attendants, and this is indeed very shameful.

Hereby, we present 11 incidents of theft, which will make every Railway passenger cringe with shame:

Western Railways Theft: Rs 71 Lakh Loss

As per recent numbers shared by Western Railways, total of Rs 71 lakh worth of bed linens, face towels, blankets, bed-sheets etc stolen by passengers last year.

Here are the grim details:

  • 1,998 blankets
  • 2,530 pillows
  • 14,190 pillow covers
  • 81,190 face towels
  • 18,835 bedsheets
  • 181 steel mugs
  • 815 taps
  • 280 flush pipes

These numbers are only from 56 trains running under Mumbai division which includes Mumbai Central, Bandra and Surat.

A senior Railway official said, “We are embarrassed to learn that bed linen and towels are stolen from air-conditioned compartments,”

As per the officials, cost to replace each bedsheet is Rs 132, while a towel costs ?22 and a pillow ?25.

Tejas Express: Stolen Headphones, Damaged LCD Screens

India’s first high speed train between Mumbai and Goa was equipped with state of the art entertainment systems. But in its first few rides itself, Railways reported that passengers had stolen headphones, damaged LCD screens and made a mess of the whole affairs.

Even the windshield of coaches were damaged, all in the first week.

Panchwati Express: Destruction, Robbery By Passengers

Last year in September, Indian Railways inaugurated high speed train Panchwati Express between Mumbai and Manmad.

Expensive Linke Hofmann Busch (LHB) coaches were introduced, with stellar entertainment systems and gadgets.

Result? Within 4 months, Railway Officials found these stolen:

  • 50 health faucets
  • 43 washroom mugs
  • 25 taps
  • 37 flush valves
  • 17 dustbins
  • 15 mirrors

Besides these, the following were reported to damaged beyond repair:

  • Upholstery of 1,016 armrests
  • 536 destroyed armrests
  • Stolen knobs of 513 snack tables
  • 179 torn magazine holders
  • 86 broken handles of recline seats
  • 27 ruined curtain pieces

Mumbai Ahmedabad Shatabdi Express

Miscreants didn’t even spare Mumbai-Ahmedabad Shatabdi Express, the route in which India’s first bullet train is supposed to be launched.

Highly advanced Anubhuti coaches were introduced, which had LCD screens, headphones and more.

Within few months, Railways Officials found hundreds of LCS screens broken or stolen, headphones stolen and even power switches stolen.

Engineering Goods Stolen

Besides these, Railway officials have found several incidents wherein engineering goods were stolen from the tracks, railway yard and station.

Some of the goods which have been reported to have stolen are:

  • Tracks
  • Fish plates
  • Signaling Devices
  • Telecommunication devises such as overhead cables, solar plates, relay, telephones
  • Mechanical devices such as wash basins, mirrors, taps
  • Electrical devices such as batteries, electric coach fans, switches

As per some estimates, overall, Railways incur loss of more than Rs 10 crore per year due to these stolen products.

What is your opinion on these incidents? How will you stop these cases, if Indian Railways ask you to create a strategy?

Do let us know by commenting right here!

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