Top 10 Game-Changing WhatsApp Features Unleashed in 2018

It is still August, and Whatsapp has already introduced some amazing features.

10 Game Changing Features of 2018
10 Game Changing Features of 2018

2018 is very different for WhatsApp compared to its other operating years. From commercialising WhatsApp Business to announcing in-app Ads, the Facebook-owned company has changed much in the last couple of years.

On the other side, WhatsApp ended to be a rumour-spreader mass device helping fake news to go viral.

The company took recently some stringent steps to keep a check on fake news and published long-page advertisements throughout the country on public awareness.

Top WhatsApp Features Announced in 2018 | Best WhatsApp Features 2018

Unlike other years, too many things happened for WhatsApp in 2018. From the data debacle of its parent company to fake news, here are the 10 game-changing WhatsApp features announced in 2018 to enhance performance.

WhatsApp Payments

WhatsApp last year announced that the company is integrating payments feature within the app. Based UPI, WhatsApp Payments was rolled out as a beta to selected users. But the feature is stuck and is awaiting a final approval from NPCI on how it will handle and access user data in India.

Download All Your Data

After the recent Facebook data scandal, EU made it mandatory for WhatsApp to make all its data available that can be downloaded. Now you can download all your WhatsApp data. You need to go to Settings > Account > Request Account Info and then click on Request Report.

Indicate Suspicious Links

The social messaging app now has a Suspicious Link Indicator to keep a check on spam messages and spoofing. The latest Android version has a ‘Suspicious Link Detector’ that can find malicious links with warnings even if you try to open the link.

Restrictions On Forwards

To curb fake news vitality the company has recently restricted forwards to only 5 contacts. The company has also removed the forward shortcut from the media messages. The company will soon take more steps to curb fake news as much as possible.

Predictive Upload Feature

The company is working a special Predicted Upload feature that will roll out by the end of 2018. The feature can predict a picture going to be sent to someone and will upload it to the server in advance to offer a better experience with no upload delay.     

Selective Media Visibility Feature

WhatsApp has a new media visibility toggle which helps you to restrict some users in the group to not see your media. The option enables you to pick and choose an individual in group chats from whom you want to hide a media or show a content to some people in particular.

Group Video & Voice Calling

WhatsApp group video and voice calling now live already been rolled out to selected users. Only upto four people can be connected on a group call on WhatsApp. The conference calling feature was one of the most-awaited features on the social messaging service.

Siri Can Now Send Messages

Siri can send individual messages from WhatsApp from 2016, but now it can even send messages on WhatsApp group as well. You just need to speak to Siri on your iPhone and add the group name to whom you want to text, and it will send the message.    

Group Creators Cannot Be Removed

WhatsApp has now disabled participants from removing the group creators. The first Admin or the person who created the group cannot be removed from the group anymore. The company now also restricts other participants from changing the description as well.

JioPhone & KaiOS Support

Finally WhatsApp has debuted on the immensely successful JioPhone. The smart 4G feature phone which revolutionized the Indian mobile industry now supports the very popular WhatsApp.

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