Apple Can Discontinue iPhone X & iPhone SE – What Is The Real Reason?

The question which arises now: Was iPhone X a failure?

iPhone X is being discontinued by Apple
iPhone X is being discontinued by Apple

Reportedly, Apple will soon stop producing its 10th anniversary editioned iPhone X and the iPhone 5S sized iPhone SE. The Cupertino-based company is expected to start producing its upcoming range of iPhones and it will shift its focus to the new trio of iPhones.

This year, three new iPhones are expected to make a debut – iPhone 9, iPhone 9 Plus and a plus-size iPhone X. This means Apple will completely discontinue the production of its notched iPhone X and the outdated iPhone SE.


Slow Demand Forces Apple To Stop Producing iPhone X

Launched in the last quarter of 2017, iPhone X opened to strong reviews s and massive sales. Though, within a period of six months, the demand has slowed down considerably. Apple has sold more than 77 million iPhones in 2017, and iPhone X outsold all the other iPhone models in that period.

Though, owing to slowing demand, the company only produced eight million units in its last production batch in the second quarter of 2018.

Too Many Phones With Notch?

After Apple launched a smartphone with the infamous notch on top, it became a worldwide trend among the smartphone makers. With so many smartphones using the notch, it has hurt the USP of iPhone X, the bezel-less display with a notch at the top. Also, the $1,000 price tag may have hurt the sales as well.

From OnePlus 6 to Asus Zenfone 5Z to Xiaomi Mi 8 to Huawei P20 series, almost every Android flagship now sports a notch at the top.

No iPhone X & iPhone SE From September

As per the reports, the company will stop producing iPhone X and iPhone SE from the next quarter. The current production has been slowed down as well, and the company will now focus on the upcoming three new iPhones, which are expected to launch in September.

In the upcoming two quarters, Apple is expected to produce a total of 91 million iPhones.

iPhone X Plus, iPhone 9 & iPhone 9 Plus – New Pricing Strategy

Apple will follow a new pricing strategy for their upcoming iPhones. The company has an aggressive pricing model in mind to gain more market share. The new iPhones – iPhone X Plus, iPhone 9 and iPhone 9 Plus are also expected to come with multiple upgrades like bezel-less displays with notches.

Apple will to continue sell iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus at lower prices after September to cater to low-end markets.

What’s Wrong With iPhone SE?

iPhone 5S remains one of the most sold iPhones ever. The company even started producing iPhone SE in the country looking at the demand of iPhone 5S in price-sensitive markets like India. After Apple launched its new iPhones, several iPhone fans wanted the old iPhone design back.

Apple was forced to launch a special edition iPhone SE which basically comes in an iPhone 5S body but with updated internals.

So, iPhone X is a Failure?

Absolutely not. iPhone X has been a money spinner for Apple, and also the most profitable iPhone they have ever produced. Till Apple launches its new range of iPhones in 2018, as per the estimates, the company will have sold 60 million iPhone X units.

60 million iPhone X units mean $59 billion in revenue, and that’s definitely not a failure.


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