Whatsapp’s New Update Is Destroying Batteries Of Android Users; OnePlus Users Worst Hit

Whatsapp's New Update Is Destroying Batteries Of Android Users; OnePlus Users Worst Hit
Whatsapp’s New Update Is Destroying Batteries Of Android Users; OnePlus Users Worst Hit

Is the battery on your OnePlus device draining much faster than usual, and you can’t figure out the reason why? Here’s your answer – Whatsapp is the culprit behind your draining battery.

Yes, all the OnePlus users are going through this crisis of batteries draining way much earlier than expected, as much as 40%. They have taken to expressing their aggravation online, and this is not limited only to OnePlus users. 

Whatsapp has recently rolled out new updates and features, and we wonder if the batteries of Android phones draining is because of the new updates!

Is Whatsapp’s latest update responsible for this? Find out right here!

OnePlus and Xiaomi Phone Users Complain Of Battery Draining Faster Than Usual

A number of android smartphone users complained about the draining of batteries; apparently, the smartphones have been draining faster than usual, and most of these users are OnePlus phone owners. 

A OnePlus 7T user complained on Reddit, “Was wondering why my phone was draining quite a bit faster than normal today. 16% battery drain from WhatsApp after only actively using it for less than 5 minutes today.”

Another Reddit user, who uses OnePlus 5, said, “Whatsapp 2.19.308 has been draining the battery insanely. I think I’ve seen 33% of all battery consumption by WhatsApp on the stats.” 

Other than Reddit, people have been expressing their disappointment over other forums as well, such as Google Play Store, the OnePlus Forum, and Twitter. Other than OnePlus, there are some Xiaomi users who have been complaining of the same problem as well. 

OnePlus has recently launched its flagship series, OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7T, which have quickly won the hearts of people. However, this draining of the battery does not help the phone win any brownie points for itself. 

But this is not the phone’s fault after all. 

Is Whatsapp’s New Update The Culprit Behind Battery Draining? 

Yes. Whatsapp’s recently introduced update is the sole reason behind this issue. Whatsapp’s newest version 2.19.308 is affecting the battery of the smartphones that run on Android 9 and 10. As a lot of OnePlus smartphones flaunt the latest Android 9 and 10, they are ones who are facing the brunt of it all. 

As much as 40% of battery is being drained due to this bug in the latest version of Whatsapp, and even if users limit their usage of the phone, they continue to face the same problem. 

Let’s hope Whatsapp fixes the bug soon. 

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