Now Control Who Can Text – New WhatsApp Features Launched

Whatsapp Admins now have more control

Whatsapp admin have more control now
Whatsapp admin have more control now

After recently rolling out its in-app UPI based payments service in India, WhatsApp is bringing in more user-friendly features across its platform. The Facebook-owned company lately has made several changes to its platform, and the recent changes will bring in more new features for the WhatsApp groups.

The popular social messaging platform has been facing tough competition from Telegram messaging app, which is famous for massive groups and its group-centric features. To keep users engaged, the company has now launched new WhatsApp Group features.


New WhatsApp Group Feature – Control Users Who Can Send Messages

The latest changes are mainly for the groups and admins controlling large groups. It will now make it easy for admins to control conversations and handle its members. The latest WhatsApp feature is for the Group Admins which gives them the right to restrict any user in the group who can send messages to the entire group.

The latest features has been rolled out for both iOS and Android platforms. Update your app to the latest version to use the latest features.

WhatsApp Group Feature – One-Way Broadcast

After the latest update, the WhatsApp admins will now soon be able to access the one-way broadcast feature. An admin can go to the Group Settings > Send Messages option and can choosing any of the one – All Participants or Only Admins.

The new WhatsApp business group feature is available with the latest update. One can tap onto the Group ‘Name’ to for more details and group description.

If the Group Admin is picking up ‘All Participants’, then all the members of a group will be able to send messages, but if ‘Only Admins’ is selected, it will restrict other members in the group to send messages except for group admins.

Admins Can Now Restrict Members From Making Changes

Apart from controlling who can send messages, WhatsApp has added more changes to its group settings. The Group Admins also will get a new control option, which will now allow admins to restrict members in the group who can change the group’s subject, icon or description.

The latest group setting also allow users to edit their Group admins and remove some of them as admins without removing them from the group.

The secondary admins can only be edited. Group creators cannot be removed from a group they have started. Also, users can no longer be added to a particular group repeatedly if they left the group earlier more than twice.

New WhatsApp Group Feature – Group Description Feature

WhatsApp has earlier rolled out a new group description feature which allows group admins and other members of the group to add a description to chat. WhatsApp launched the Group Description feature for a distinct purpose, so that new members have more clarity of what they are using.

The group description can be added by any member in the group, where one needs to tap onto the group name which has add a description option available. Group Admin can also restrict other members of the group to edit a description.

Whenever a new member is joining the group, the group description will show up at the top of the chat.

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