Whatsapp’s 5 Forwards Rule Is Now Live: Here Are 4 Anti-Fake News Features From Whatsapp!

Whatsapp is under Govt. pressure to curb fake news and hatred messages.

Whatsapp's 5-forwards rule is now live
Whatsapp’s 5-forwards rule is now live

World’s largest messaging app: Whatsapp has now finally rolled out their much-debated 5 forwards rule for all users. What is this, and how it can impact you?

You will soon find out the complete details.

Meanwhile, we will share 4 features from Whatsapp, which have been developed to stop the spread of fake news and hatred messages.

Keep reading to find out more!

5-Forwards Limit Is Now Live On Whatsapp!

Whatsapp has informed that 200 million users of their app in India will no longer be able to forward a message to more than 5 chats.

Globally, in some countries, there exists 20-forwards rule.

In a statement, Whatsapp said, “The limit has started to appear this week for people in India who are on the current version of WhatsApp.”

Last month, we had reported that 5-forwards limit has been announced by Whatsapp, and very soon, it would be rolled out for all users. Now, this has actually happened.

This new rule to restrict forwards done by users has been implemented to curb spread of fake news, which have now become fatal.

4 Anti-Fake News Features By Whatsapp

Ever since the problem of fake news, and hatred messages came up, Whatsapp has been under immense Govt. pressure to take some concrete action.

Except this new rule to restrict forwarded messages, Whatsapp has also announced these 4 features, which will help to curb fake news:

  • Forwarded Message Label: This feature is already live. Now, when anyways forwards any message, then a label is seen which informs the user that the message is forwarded. This helps the reader to distinguish between hand-typed message and forward message, and Whatsapp hopes that this can stop fake news. We have our reservations about this theory.
  • Group Admins Can Control Texts: Under this feature, Group admins of Whatsapp have been empowered with special authority, to curb the spread of fake news within the group. Group Admins can now restrict any user from typing any text and sending that message. This is one powerful feature, which can actually make a difference.
  • Anti-Spam Regulations: This feature is still under development, and is expected to be launched very soon. With this feature, Whatsapp users will be alerted if they have received a news from a source which can be fake or filled with hatred. Whatsapp will basically check whether a URL shared by users belongs to a reputed neighborhood or not.
  • Social Scientists Working On Fake News: And lastly, Whatsapp has announced a reward of $50,000 for social scientists, so that can devise ways to stop the spread of fake news via Whatsapp. Using human behavior, psychology and technology, social scientists are now working on a model which will help Whatsapp users to identify real news from fake news. More details are awaited.

Do you have any idea or plan to stop the spread of fake news using Whatsapp? Do share them right here!


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