Ashok Leyland’s New Electric Bus Is 100% Made in India; Hailed As A Big Leap For Mass Public Transport


68 year old Ashok Leyland, which is based out of Chennai, has launched 1st Made in India electric bus, which has been hailed as a giant leap for mass public transport in the country. As part of their Circuit Series Electric Bus, this new bus is fully electric, and leaves zero emissions while operational.

100% designed, engineered and manufactured in India, Circuit bus from Ashok Leyland opens a new chapter for electric automobiles in the country.

Interestingly, Circuit bus by Ashok Leyland is also the first public transport vehicle to take advantage of subsidy provided by Indian Govt. under Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of (Hybrid) and Electric Vehicles (FAME) scheme.

Under National Electric Mobility Mission Plan, Govt. aims to introduce 70 lakh electric and hybrid vehicles on road by 2020. FAME was launched in 2014, under this ambitious mission.

India's 1st Make in India Electric Bus
India’s 1st Make in India Electric Bus

Vinod K. Dasari, MD of Ashok Leyland, said, “The Circuit series of buses is another testament to Ashok Leyland’s commitment to leverage India’s technological innovation to deliver relevant and best-in-class solutions for India and the world.”

Hinduja Group, which owns Ashok Leyland brand, had promised in April, 2015, to unveil India’s first electric bus. They have infact, delivered their promise before the deadline.

Electric Vehicles Can Transform Indian Transportation?

As per Govt. officials, electric vehicles like Circuit from Ashok Leyland has the power to transform Indian transportation system, and help the country to save money as well.

India right now imports Rs 8 lakh crore worth of fuels to power our vehicles, and if more electric vehicles are adopted by transporters, then it can help India save massive amounts of money.

In the current fiscal year, Ashok Leyland plans to sell 50 electric buses, and then 200 next year. 10% of the capital expenditure allocated by the company would be spent on manufacturing and promoting their Circuit series of electric buses. Rs 500 crore is the overall capital expenditure proposed by Ashok Leyland this year.

India's 1st Make in India Electric Bus
India’s 1st Make in India Electric Bus

Once fully charged, this electric bus can run for 120 kms at a maximum speed of 75 kms/hr.

Only three hours is required for fully charging this vehicle, aptly suited for urban conditions.

Powered by WiFi hotspots and electric charging points, 31 passengers can accommodate at a given time within the bus.

Ambuj Sharma, additional chief secretary, industries and commerce, Tamil Nadu said, “It’s a promise for a brighter and cleaner future for all of us and for our future generations..”

This bus has an inbuilt fire detection and suppression system, and has been designed to accommodate Indian roads and driving conditions.

Under the FAME scheme, Govt. plans to provide subsidies to every electric vehicle sold in India, and Circuit buses by Ashok Leyland will smartly leverage this offer. A budget of Rs 14,000 has allocated, which will help other vehicle manufacturers to come up with electric automobiles and unleash a new wave of innovation within the sector.

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