Proud Moment! Tata Nexon Electric Joins Indian Air Force Fleet

The Indian Air Force is reaffirming its green footstep initiatives.


Embracing EVs

It has this week flagged off its first fleet of EVs in alignment with its long-term goals of environment friendly mobility.

Proud Moment! Tata Nexon Electric Joins Indian Air Force Fleet

The Air Force has now started its procurement of e-vehicles.

Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari was in attendance when the first 12 EVs were flagged off.

This fleet comprises Tata Nexon EVs.

EVs beyond consumer use

As procurement picks up pace, charging infrastructure will also develop across Air Force bases.

The current fleet is to be deployed in Delhi NCR for performance monitoring and analysis.

This is just an example of how EVs can be utilized in India beyond consumer demand.

The number of two-wheelers sold in the domestic market is up in lakhs each month.

Gradual shift

Car sales have also been on an upward trend in terms of improvement, albeit in small increments when calculating cars per 1,000 people.

This is further backed by improved scope of bank loans.

Public sentiment has also been witnessing a shift. 

There’s a growing number of people who see merit in EVs over ICE vehicles, be it on account of convenience, regular maintenance costs, upkeep costs, fuel costs or any other reasons.

There’s a clear conclusion to all this- EV sales are enjoying a green period.

Lots to explore

EV sales in past years have been painfully slow, however have evidently picked up steam of late.

With improvement in infrastructure and an increase in conversations around EV adoption, a stronger base is being created.

However, there’s a whole new world to be explored.

Unlike other southeast Asian nations, India has yet to explore small electric family cars that could become the go-to under the right policies.

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