Tata Nexon Conquers Top 10 Sub 4m SUVs Ranking For May, 2022: Check Top 10 SUVs

Tata Nexon Conquers Top 10 Sub 4m SUVs Ranking For May, 2022: Check Top 10 SUVs
Tata Nexon Conquers Top 10 Sub 4m SUVs Ranking For May, 2022: Check Top 10 SUVs

In recent years, the forecasts for the sub 4m SUV segment have been promising and no wonder that most manufacturers have a product in the segment as its upbeat projection has seen the segment swell.

The story started when Ford launched EcoSport and the SUV  segment came into existence. 

But considering the brutal market now it is no more available as the brand recently shut shop in India despite the great success. 


Top 10 Sub 4m SUVs For May 2022 

Tata Nexon – No 1 Position

Tata Nexon YoY volume grew by more than double for may 2022. 

The volume gain stood at 8,175 units, up at 14,614 units from 6,439 units. 

Similarly, the MoM volume gain stood at 1,143 units, up 8.5 percent from 13,471 units. 

This way, Nexon maintained its No 1 position as India’s best-selling SUV for 6 consecutive months. 

Image Source – Top 10 Sub 4m SUVs May 2022 – Nexon, Brezza, Venue, Sonet, XUV300

Maruti Brezza Sales

Coming to the Maruti, its Brezza sales are clocked solid at over 10k units having a low base sales of 2,648 units a year earlier.

The sales are up manifold at 10,312 units at volume gain of 7,664 units. 

Its MoM decline stood at 12.34 percent, down from 11,764 units with a volume loss of 1,452 units reported. 

At the moment, the sales are contained as the manufacturer is on the cusp of the launch of the 2022 Maruti Brezza facelift scheduled for June 30, 2022.

Hyundai Venue Sales

The 2022 Hyundai Venue facelift launch Hyundai Venue sales also was a jump as it stood at 8.3k units, up from just below 5k units. 

At the same time, the Volume gain stood at 3,460 units. 

It appears that the sales may have been contained for the month as the carmaker had 5 non-production days attributed to bi-annual maintenance work. 

Notably, the customers are now ready for the 2022 Hyundai Venue facelift. 

Considering the launch is scheduled for June 16, 2022, the manufacturer would have restricted production to just the number of cars needed to be sold before the new model makes its appearance. 

Further, the MoM sales were flat, down marginally from 8,392 units.

Sales Growth For Kia Sonet 

As per the reports, the Kia India has sales shy of the 20k unit mark in both April and May 2022. 

Not only that the Venue offshoot performs just as well as the sales are reported at 7.9k units, up from 6,627 units. 

At the same time, MoM sales are up from 5,404 units at volume gain just short of 2.5k units.

Mahindra XUV300 Sales

Mahindra’s XUV300 sales stood at just over 5k units with a MoM growth of 28.47 percent, up from 3,909 units reportedly. 

The XUV300 is the 3rd best seller in most months for the manufacturer with volume gain stood at 1,113 units. 

The May sales have been the highest in the last 3 months. 

 Nissan Magnite Sales

The Brezza offshoot, Toyota Urban Cruiser sales stood at 3,128 units with MoM decline reported at 11.24 percent, down from 3,524 units with a Volume loss of 396 units. 

Coming to Nissan Magnite, its total bookings recently reached the 1 lakh unit mark. 

Its last month sales stood at 1,920 units with MoM sales flat  down from 1,966 units. 

Renault Kiger Sales

Renault Kiger witnessed sales of 1,380 units with MoM sales almost halved, down from 2,618 units. 

The volume loss comes down at 1,238 units at 47.29 percent decline. 

The final spot is occupied by Honda WRV with the list at 546 units with MoM sales fell from 635 units to a 14 percent decline. 

Not to forget that recently, a facelift spy shot was circulated online. 

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