Honda Launches A New Electric Scooter With Swappable Battery Tech: Everything You Need To Know

Considering its ICE-based two-wheelers continue to generate the majority of sales Honda now seems to be stepping-up focus in the EV space as well. 

Honda Launches A New Electric Scooter With  Swappable Battery Tech: Everything You Need To Know

Honda EM1 e: Electric Scooter

By 2025, Honda is planning to introduce at least 10 electric two-wheelers globally l.

 One of them is EM1 e: electric scooter, which has been unveiled at ongoing EICMA 2022.

Here EM1 is essentially short for Electric Moped where the e: suffix denotes Honda Mobile Power Pack (MPP). 

This MPP platform comprises removable battery packs and battery swapping stations.

This will further work as the core infrastructure for Honda’s upcoming electric two-wheelers.

It appears that the carmaker is focusing on relatively smaller battery packs for its entry-level EVs. 

They will be easy to use by offering adequate range for daily commutes and everyday city sprints. 

Honda EM1 e: Specifications 

By offering a compact and trendy profile, Honda EM1 e: electric scooter plans to primarily target the younger audiences. 

Ensuring a refined look and feel, the  scooter comes with curvy body panels with smooth edges.

 It seems to be clearly built for utilitarian purposes, as the scooter does not have any radical or ostentatious design elements. 

Its key features include apron-mounted LED headlamp, sleek instrument cowl and round rear view mirrors.

Honda EM1 e: electric scooter can carry quite a bit of load with its flat floorboard, front and underseat storage space and dedicated rear rack.

Its single-piece seat looks comfy and there are foldable foot pegs located on the side panels. 

The battery pack being a removable unit is located under the seat. 

Notably, the floorboard panel is pretty thick and most likely to be holding the battery management system and other related components.

Honda EM1 e: Electric Scooter Range

When it comes to capacity, Honda Honda EM1 e: electric scooter range is over 40 km. 

At first glance this number seems a bit low.

Although, it has been purposefully kept that way to reduce battery cost. 

Here it is noteworthy that Honda will be building its battery swapping infrastructure for taking care of range anxiety. 

From the images one can reach the conclusion that the Honda EM1 e: is equipped with a hub-mounted motor. 

Presently, details about the motor and battery capacity are not available.

When it comes to Honda Mobile Power Pack e:, it has been developed with a strong focus on quality, reliability and durability and 

tested for a variety of conditions such as humidity, varying temperatures, impact and vibrations. 

The consumers can also charge the battery in the comfort of their home. 

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