How Amazon cloud drive can help you and your business


Cloud storage in simple words, is an online storage facility given to users who want external servers to store or host their data for them. And with the need for larger storage capacities clubbed with mobility, cloud storage is getting very popular.

Amazon’s Cloud Storage bearing the motto “Anything digital, securely stored, available anywhere” is the most popular and widely used cloud service on the web. Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why you should make Amazon Cloud Drive your cloud storage point to help you and your business.

Amazon Cloud Drive


Never worry about losing that portable hard drive again

If you are constantly faced with the situation of carrying sensitive business data on a portable hard disk every time you travel, the Amazon Cloud Drive can be your answer to storing and retrieving data safely. Simply sign up to one of their plans (5 GB is free) and store your data conveniently on their servers. It doesn’t matter if you travel across cities, states or countries, you will always have that vital data for your presentation as long as you have internet connectivity.

You don’t need to specifically make a purchase of any kind to use the Amazon Cloud Drive. Take advantage of 5 GB free cloud storage by signing up. Whether or not you want to upgrade to higher storage capacities, is a call that you can make later. For majority of people though, 5GB should be enough to store all the important data.

Organize your data or mirror your hard disk

Many people are extremely picky and choosy when it comes to organizing their personal or business data. All their portable or non portable data storage devices will have the same folders, directories and data paths. Does this sound like you?

If it does, you will like the Amazon Cloud Storage because it allows you to create folders and sub-folders as per your requirements. Preset top level folders are Documents, Pictures, Music and Videos. If you wish, you can create your own top level folder and organize your data the way you want to.

Ability to recover deleted data from your Amazon Cloud Drive

Yes, we all make mistakes and that’s exactly why we have something called the ‘recycle bin’ in Windows. A similar recovery system exists in the Amazon Cloud Drive too. Your cloud storage drive will contain a ‘deleted items’ section which you can access to recover your deleted data.

You can either recover the items to the same folder where they were deleted from, or move them to another folder of your choice.

Storage plans to suit all needs

At present there are 7 plans that you can take while using the Amazon Cloud Drive. The first plan comes with 5GB free, while the highest plan offers 1000GB for $1,000 per year. Depending on your storage needs and your ability to splurge on the moolah, you can opt for various storage plans.

Amazon Cloud Drive Storage Plans

Point to note: Although you can downgrade your Amazon Cloud Drive storage plan, you should remember that your present plan will continue until the end of your billing cycle. This can really hurt you if you opt for a high storage plan only to find out later that you don’t need that amount of cloud storage space.

Store your Amazon MP3s for free

This is an awesome feature! It can be a big drag to miss out on all your music while you travel, isn’t it? Well that is a thing of the past because with Amazon Cloud Drive, you can store all your Amazon MP3 purchases for free.

A superb benefit of using this service is that all your songs are backed up on your Amazon Cloud Drive for free and they don’t take up any of your storage space. Use the Amazon Cloud Player to store, stream and listen to your music anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection! How cool is that?

Point to note: Remember folks, you can only avail free storage for your Amazon MP3s, which means the music that you buy from Amazon. Don’t expect Amazon to provide free storage for your other music too. And remember, these files must have remained unaltered since you purchased them at Amazon.

If you have not done it as yet, give Amazon Cloud Drive a spin and let us know what you feel!

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  3. Abs-bt Bt says


  4. dpi says

    Is there any advantages than Dropbox ( apart from Size and solid Amazon cloud).
    How differ using dropbox and amazon cloud?

  5. Sandeep says

    Plans cost half compared to Dropbox.

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