Weekly Wrap-up: Reliance 4G tablet, Bribery Index 2011, Most Powerful People, Bank Interest Rates & more…


Here is a quick wrap-up of some of the buzzing posts of last week that were published on Trak.in.


The Tablet race is on – Anyone even remotely connected to Telecom Industry is launching their own tablets. But, looks like Reliance wants to capture the market. They plan to launch a 4G tablet at a very attractive rate of Rs. 5000 along with Aakash tablet makers Datawind.

Its great to see Indian Billionaire Azim Premji, focusing on improving India Education system. According to news reports in Media, his foundation plans to setup 2 schools in every district of India.

RBI has decided to regulate the Saving Deposit interest rate and let the market forces decide it. However, what does it mean to consumers? will they benefit from it?

Europe as well as Japan have been hit with crisis – Former with Economic and latter with Natural. The direct outcome of this crisis is brands in these countries are suffering and loosing to their US counterparts!

Check out the Funding Updates for the week of 24th to 31st October 2011.

If you have not seen OurMobilePlanet.com, you must. It is a new initiative by Google that brings you great insights on today’s global mobile trends.

Although India has once again topped the Consumer Confidence Index, it has also witnessed a fall as compared to previous rankings.

According to a recent study, Indian Mobile Subscriber base is actually 1/3rd of what it is actually been published. Here is the naked truth about High Indian Mobile Subscriber Numbers.

Google understand the potential of growth of Internet in Indian Market. They have now launched a mouth-watering scheme for small businesses in India where they are offering completely free website along with .in domain names!

Government has now made it mandatory for their departments to procure at least 20% of goods & services from Medium & Small Scale Industries, giving a much needed boost to them!

The way all the automobile Giants are setting up their plants in Gujarat, it looks like fast becoming the Detroit of India or probably Detroit of the East!

Sonia Gandhi & Manmohan Singh find themselves places in list of World’s most powerful people that too amongst Top 20 – Obama Tops those rankings!

Indian External Affairs Ministry has come up with an excellent contest for citizens Globally – Let them know what “India is” for you! And there is attractive purse to be won here…


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