Weekly Wrap-up: Gaming, online payments, MNP, Cars, Tablets and more…


Another Monday morning and time for our Weekly Wrap-up – Lets look at some of the buzzing posts this week.

Here is a very pertinent question – Is DTH Industry going the mobile way?

Although, Video games have seen good penetration in India, it is miniscule as compared to the western countries – Here is a brief overview of where Video Games Industry stands in India.

Have you heard about paper made of Elephant poop? yes, there are many more innovations happening in India like these… Here are a few that will surprise you.

Online payments in India is a pain in the a*** – Paypal is the only one many users rely on, and they have been creating problems time and again for Indian users. But what we need is – Peer Powered Cash for the masses.

The Hero of last Football World Cup – The Oracle Octopus is dead !

Yup, Finally MNP seems to be on its way to masses, after innumerable delays it is expected that Mobile Number portability will get launched today (November 1st)

Again, one of the issues that Android App developers face is that they are unable to publish apps, as the default payment provider Google Checkout does not support Indian banks. It seems that should end now – Paypal now supports Android Market for Indian users.

Indian has gone from Bad to Worse in Corruption ranking – India now ranks 87th on the corruption list released by transparency International.

Venkateshwara Hatcheries or Venky’s has become the First Indian Company to own an English Premier League Club – Blackburn Rovers!

Even though broadband is growing at snail’s pace, Mobile Internet is growing at breakneck speed. According to Opera Report, Mobile Internet growth has seen growth upwards of 350 percent over last year.

India now has the cheapest and the most expensive car in the world. You can buy a single Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport or opt for 1600 Nano’s instead Smile

If 2010 was the year of smartphones, 2011 promises to be the year of Tablets. So what should you exactly look for in a tablet…A rundown !

Everybody is going green – Here is a rundown of Green search Engines !

One of the most awaited tablets is here is India – The Samsung Galaxy Tab – But it is ridiculously high priced at Rs. 38,000/-. I don’t think there will be many buyers..

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