Reliance to bring 4G tablet with Datawind for Rs. 5000!


Reliance Industries could probably team up with Aakash tablet maker, Datawind to bring a 4G tablet. Not just a 4G tablet but possibly the cheapest tablet by a big brand available commercially.

tablets in india 300x210 Reliance Communications Joins The Tablet Race With A Rs 13K Tablet

The ambitious target of both Reliance and Datawind is to sell a TD-LTE device at half the price of the tablets currently available. Both the companies seems to be in agreement with a price tag of Rs. 5000.

There is a popular Reliance 3G Tab, which is made by a different Reliance, the Reliance of Anil Ambani. The 4G tablet will be from Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance. In fact, Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries is the only company to have a pan India TD-LTE license.

Reliance is planning to start its 4G operations in 2012 and it will not be launching its services without appropriate partnerships. The current crop of devices are not ready for Indian consumption because of their expensive nature. Reliance is not known for selling expensive stuff. From that perspective, the Datawind deal makes all the more sense.

If Reliance offers its 4G tablet at the price promised, India could leapfrog all the consumer devices ever produced to access the Internet and land straight up on tablets.

TD-LTE will offer better speeds and a cheap Reliance 4G Tablet probably leapfrog India’s connectivity option in a way Broadband, Mobile and 3G together could never achieve.

PS : This is a speculation. And we comment on market speculations. That’s what we do. Along with other things of course.

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  3. Kiranjit Saha says

    Can you tell me about the feselites of Tap, and Tab are working in Laptop Works?..


  4. Saurabh says

    The tablet would certainly bring a revolution in field of technology.
    Hope so it is launched as early as possible and does not have any bugs.
    Even the question is that will it be possible Rs. 10/GB.
    Anyways , can you tell the exact or even approx date of its launch??????


  5. Manish says

    Why generally Indians masses are obsessed with Cheap products ? Tablets have many other key components other then just 3G or 4G connectivity. Whether touch is resistive or capacitive? If it is capacitive, whether it is one touch, two touch or 5 touch ? What is the memory ? What is the storage capacity ? How is the camera, whether one or two ? Do it support video calls on and off the net ? What is the battery backup ? This all matters. Tablets with this price point will always attract once, but after using, next time the users will never buy such products. Let’s evolve to buy good performing products then just cheap products, which under perform.
    If need any help , get in touch : manishmmishra[at]gmail[dot]com

  6. Neha says
    i found new web there is all info about all tricks and latest new
    also about rel tab and aakash tab

  7. Arjun Mukherjee says

    is this available in Bokaro (Jharkhand)?

  8. ishan bhardwaj says

    what are the full specifications of this tablet , as i dont want it like other models of such tablets present in indian market at this time . As the company launhing it is reliance , so i have extra expectations from this tablet and can any one tell me its release date of this tablet ! I am eagely waiting for this .

  9. anojmane says

    i want this tablet urgently.
    please first give me i will paid 10,000 for this.

  10. Abhijeet Kaikaryamwar says

    I want this tablet……………..very low price.

  11. Harshit Choudhary says

    I want 3G tablet.

  12. Palash Purohit says

    I want this tabletttttttttttttttt!

  13. Muzammil Hussain Aazmi says

    great at this price bt I want full information abt this tablet….

  14. mhasivizo pucho says

    the only company promise to offer tabled at the lowest and probably most generous price i ever known is reliance.may it be realise soon as many consumers like me are waiting you.

  15. Uday Nagavarapu says

    except for launching quckly.

  16. Vishnu Deep Karunanithi says

    nice…:) expectin for a quicker launch….

  17. VinodKumar says

    very very Amazing news . i like this reliance commnucation Good.

  18. Ankan Kd says

    This is good blog. And it is more informative.

  19. Raj Kumar says

    Amazing news. This is sure gonna create ripples in the Indian tablet market. Knowing Reliance who are good at pricing policies that are attractive to the masses, the proposed tab launch is sure to attract a lot of new buyers who earlier could not afford a tab because of the higher cost of owning one.

  20. Cord says

    Whats the Speed of 4G? Is it like LTE in the western World? And can you get this device in Europe, too? The Main problem is not the technology in the gadget, but the bad provider infrastructure. Here in Germany even the 3G is not everywhere available, and you still talking about 4G.

  21. Altaf Rahman says

    @ Sriram,
    This is not market speculation as you said :)
    I was reading the following article and one Datawind CEO confirms the discussions between Datawind and RIL.

    I know the price will be cheapest among Indian players. The service will be the best (4G) among Indian players.
    My only wish is the tablet should be the largest among Indian players.

    1. Sriram Vadlamani says

      True Altaf.

      The market speculation was pun intended. Datawind acknowledged but Reliance did not. That’s what I was getting at.

      I have used the same source given by you for this story.

  22. Rohit says

    4G tablet at Rs.5000 will create a revolution in the technology market. But we have to wait for the device and its reviews, as the device may be missing some important features to make them available at such a cost.

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