DataWind Launches Linux based PocketSurfer GZ Smartphone For Rs. 1499 With Free Internet For 1 Year


Datawind Pocket Surfer

Canada-based low-cost tablet and smartphone maker, DataWind has launched another smartphone in its PocketSurfer series. Called as PocketSurfer GZ, the phone is priced at Rs. 1,499 and comes with 1 year free internet browsing.

DataWind is popular for offering low-budget educational tablet computers. The company aims to drive the cost of technology downwards so that it becomes affordable to everyone and is already taking steps in that direction by launching such an affordable smartphone.

“We are focused on driving the cost downward to a level where access to technology becomes universally affordable and democratization of technology finds its true meaning. Therefore, this new launch of smartphone at just Rs 1499 is a step in that direction. This will certainly enhance the connectivity in the developing nations,” said Suneet Singh Tuli, CEO, DataWind.

However, please note that even though PocketSurfer GZ is priced very competitively, it is still not the most affordable smartphone as ‘Freedom 251’ smartphone from Ringing Bells still owns that spot and is priced at just Rs. 251.

Besides PocketSurfer GZ, the company offers many other smartphones as well, all bundled with 1 year of free internet access ranging up to Rs. 5,999.

PocketSurfer GZ Specifications

PocketSurfer GZ sports a touch-screen, rear camera, and runs on Linux Operating system. The company didn’t reveal any more details about the phone so we are guessing that the other specifications are not mentioning.

If we are to take a rough guess then, we would assume it to have 512 MB RAM at max, and a weak battery, something close to 1500 mAh.

“Hands-free communication has become extremely important and we feel strongly that this technology should reach every corner of the world. DataWind aims to breaks the affordability barriers and bandwidth constraints of networks touching the mass of India at a whole new level,” Tuli added.

According to IDC, DataWind is the market leader in the Tablet market in India. Even though the overall tablet market has stagnated in the country, DataWind’s tablet shipments have grown from at a strong 33.5% over the previous quarter in the Q1 2016. This indicates that there is a strong demand for DataWind tablets as other players are still not offering entry-level tablets at a competitive price. I would love to see some Chinese brands coming up decent tablets at competitive pricing.

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