Aakash Tablet travels to America – Gets decent reviews!


Aakash, which received nothing but flak from most of the media, is sailing across the Atlantic to meet some Americans. I’m not sure if this will be available for retail. In fact, I would advise, Datawind, Aakash tablet makers to not do anything fancy like launching the slate in the US.


Datawind’s Hyderabad manufacturing facility can produce 7000 tablets per day and Datawind is yet to meet its government contract. Datawind has provided 100,000 tablets so far. Retail option will only open up after the contract is met.

When retail option actually opens up, Datawind will be better off selling it in India.

Now let’s get to know what American reviewers are feeling about Aakash.

In defense of Aakash

I’m no messiah for Aakash tablet but felt a need to defend it. The reason is simple : The world is looking at it with iPad tainted eyes. And that has to stop. Aakash had a demographic in mind and it was never really meant for a consumer who is also contemplating an iPad. After all, iPad’s wireless keyboard costs more than Aakash.

Aakash reviewed in America

If you have not committed any of that sin, then it is apt for me to introduce you to a good review which also comes with some authority. The review is from VentureBeat. Yes sir. You heard that right.

The Aakash is running Android 2.2, Froyo, with the UbiSurfer browser installed. Made by DataWind, UbiSurfer is supposed to make webpages process faster, probably to compensate for the slower processor and connection speeds.

However, while browsing the Internet and testing out apps, we couldn’t help but notice that the reaction time seemed very slow. Scrolling, for example, is a swipe-and-wait affair.
However, the speed is going to be quite sufficient for someone who has never in his or her life had a smartphone or computer. It’s all relative after all.

Compared with the iPhone 4s, the iPhone 3G is a “slow” smartphone, only because speedier alternatives are available. Even in a context where the market is full of smart devices, like in the U.S., speed helps us make decisions incrementally faster, but rarely are these issues of genuine consequence.

And given how slow navigating the user interface is, watching videos on the device was incredibly impressive. We used YouTube to watch a clip from a Bollywood film, and the video came through fast and clear, with no hiccups. (Venture Beat)

I like this not because it is positive. I like it because it is not a speculation.

The speed is going to be quite sufficient for someone who has never in his or her life had a smartphone or computer.

Bingo. Read that at least twice and make a judgment on the device.

Quick tip

If you are reading an article or review about Aakash, then press Ctrl+F and search for the word “iPad” in the article. If you find it, it’s time to move on.

Bonus tip : This post is an exception to the tip mentioned above.

[This post has been reproduced from our sister blog The Gadget Fan for benefit of trak.in readers]

  1. Pankaj Kumar Das says

    it is nice tab.

    1. razi says

      kab milega college mein.. we r waiting yaar.. pleas jaldi karo

  2. Sachin Khengale says


  3. ajinkya says

    really a smart phone

  4. Simranjit Singh says


  5. Shelton Smythe says

    Well firstly, let congratulate the people who have been able to put this together. Note, that there will always be people criticizing and complaining, but the bigger picture is that we are a country that was able to come up with a really high tech gadget and now that its happened, am sure the company is going to work in getting it better from here. all the criticism given by the people should be looked at as feedback by the people who invented the phone, and work in improving it. you cant keep every one happy, but what you can do is work on the things that need utmost attention, like it getting heated up, the pace that currently working and of course, it would be great if it also had a camera, and when you do add one, increase the cost if you have to , but add at least a 8 mega pixel, coz that would attract customers.
    All the very best to the company and hope we can see some improvements soon.

  6. Faizan Alam says

    its a gud tab but dere is no camera.

  7. Badal Raj says

    nice pick

  8. Chetan says

    ya it would be difficult for Datawind to meet more demands, since its already in talks with Reliance for 4G tabs…

  9. Dhakkanz says

    Speed is hardly going to be any issue if we actually understand the target segment for this device, and you clearly stated – “The speed is going to be quite sufficient for someone who has never in his or her life had a smartphone or computer.”

  10. Balaji yadhav says

    But still Isn’t Akash is costlier than some of the new gen Indian Smart phones. I belive Lava and Micromax has Android smart phones cheaper than Aakash so how come Aakash is targeting a new consumer when there is already competition from smart phones.

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