Formula 1 Inaugural Indian Grand Prix Trophy – Interesting facts!


Formula 1 is happening in India – It is a dream come true for millions of racing fans in India. It promises to be one of the grandest sporting spectacle India has witnessed which nearly equals Commonwealth Games conducted in India last year.

Online Media, offline media, TV channels and even bloggers are all talking & writing about this inaugural Indian Grand Prix – And me being a huge fan of Formula 1 myself can’t stay away from it either. By now, you already know how and where to watch this Formula 1 Indian Grand Prix – whether it is live, online or on mobile (if not, just search on Google and you will find anything you want). Let me present you some interesting facts about Indian Grand Prix Trophy

Indian Grand Prix Formula One Trophy

Interesting Facts about Formula 1 Indian Grand Prix Trophy

  • The Trophy has been designed British Silversmith Richard Fox – India’s F1 trophy is a creative representation of the Formula One style and rich design detailing that is synonymous with country’s culture.
  • The design of the 2011 Formula 1 Indian Grand Prix Trophy represents various elements abstracted from iconic references to India – its heritage and advancing technology. The trophy is finished in highly polished 24 ct gold and silver plate
  • The cup represents the domes of the Hindu temples and the Taj Mahal with eleven repetitive elements, 11 – signifying the auspiciousness and importance of the number in Indian culture.
  • The cup is supported upon a gear or cog like form which has been created by computer technology. The ends of the ‘cogs’ are shaped to represent lotus petals.
  • The red colour representing Airtel is encapsulated between gilded laurels signifying victory
  • Above the inscription collar, which includes the Airtel and BIC logo on either side of the trophy title inscription, are three coloured rings in saffron, white and green representing the Indian National Flag
  • The base is made of black polyacetal with the F1 logo on the underside.
  • Here are the various sizes of the Formula one Indian Grand Prix Trophies
    • Winning Driver and Constructor 550mm high
    • Second Place Driver 450mm high
    • Third Place Driver 400mm high

So, their you have it – Go ahead and show your friends how big a fan you are of Formula 1 – you even know the minute details of F1 Indian Grand Prix Trophy!

  1. Tarun Vijay says

    This is totally a fake news. Where did you even collect this rubbish?

    The trophy for 2011 Formula 1 Airtel Indian Grand Prix has been designed by Jaipur based trophy designers Mr. Amit and Akshat Pabuwal who have already registered their name with Guinness Book of the World Records and have almost 25 Years of experience in trophy making. They have successfully made trophies for many national and International events. The Formula 1 Indian GP trophy would be a Qutub Minar shaped trophy made of nickel, silver, gold and white metal, with brass engravings.

    The hand-crafted prize weighs between 22 to 25 kilos. With beautiful and elaborate meenakari work adorning its base, the trophy stands 20-22 inches tall. “It took two-and-a-half months to come up with the final product. We submitted 50 designs, focusing on India’s culture and heritage, as that was what the organisers had demanded,” said Akshat, Amit’s son

  2. luxury hospitality says

    It was great post and definitely it was fun watching his expression and f1 is always a great experience to watch.

  3. Stanley Rao says

    Sachin Tendulkar meets Formula 1 chief Bernie Ecclestone….

  4. Chirag says

    Hi Arun nice post!
    It was quite insightful..

  5. jackjik says

    formula one car i like it

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