New Reliance 3G tab launched for Rs.14500


Reliance has announced launch next better version of its predecessor Reliance 3G tab. According to press release sent to us, the new 3G tablet will be priced at Rs. 14,500/-

In August last year, Reliance had launched 3G tab priced at Rs. 13000/-. It was moderately popular with users, given that Reliance Tab was the only sub 15k tablet that had inbuilt 3g.

Though, this new announcement has left me somewhat baffled. The newer version of Reliance 3G does not have anything mind-blowing nor has huge upgrades in hardware as compared to its predecessor and still more expensive.

Given the market conditions and plethora of new ultra-cheap tablets being launched, Reliance should have offered a sub 10k price on this one for it to be attractive to users.3G tab

Reliance 3g Tab specifications

Like I mentioned previously, the specifications are only slightly better than its predecessor. The new Reliance 3G Tab comes with a 7-inch capacitive touch screen with Android 2.3 OS (same as previous) and with a better processor speed of 1.4GHz.

It has a better screen resolution of 1024 x 600, loaded with 512 MB RAM (same as previous) , and a 5 point touch experience. The new Reliance Tab weighs 402 grams and comes with a 3.0 MP rear camera and a front camera (the only significant upgrade) which enables Video calling.

The tab also has support for Mobile TV, Voice Calling, GPS and Video recording.

Reliance 3g Tab Special Offers

Being locked to Reliance Network, Reliance 3G tab comes bundled with special offers.  Reliance claims to offer free benefits worth Rs 6250 to its 3G customers. Reliance 3G tab users can enjoy Free 3GB of 3G data for 3 months, 3 months Free video calling for Local and STD to Reliance 3G, Free voice rental for 12 months (Postpaid) along with Free Global calling worth Rs. 250, 1 year free subscription on McAfee Mobile Security, 2 months free subscription of BigFlix, a Free 4GB micro SD card all together valued at Rs. 6,250/ –.

Our Take on new Reliance 3G Tab

In recent times there have been slew of cheap tablets in India including Google, who launched much powerful tab recently (probably 4 times more powerful) at much lower rate. The price point at which Reliance 3G tab comes makes it relatively expensive. Also, it has OS (Android 2.3) which is already sort of outdated.

For a tablet which has average specs and expensive price (relatively), I doubt if Reliance 3G Tabs will fly off the shelf.

What’s your take?

  1. Saddam Khan says

    nice your reliance 3g tab very good.

  2. Anonymous says

    This is really great…Tables have its own pros n cons but as of now…there is a lot of competition in this market….

  3. Bella Adward says
  4. ksavai says

    Only plus point about this is 3G and voice calling. Other than that all waste of money

  5. Mandar Vaze says

    Nexus 7 aka Google Tablet costs only slightly higher but has better specs :

  6. Manish Ahuja says

    Its weird how these telecom companies are under estimating the value of tablet market in India.

    More people are converting to tablets with every passing day. Most users in India are content consumers and not really content generators. All these people will sooner or later switch from using bulky, expensive laptops to economical, convenient tablets.

    The way I can see the situation, a great deal on tablets could make a dent in the market and have an impact; just as ‘per second billing’, or ‘free incoming calls’ have done, in the past.

    Here’s hoping for a deal related to tablets which will be too good to resist, in times to come.

    Manish :)

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      @Manish I second your opinion. It is such a great time for them to stamp their authority on Huge Indian mobile subscriber market. I am surprised that companies like Airtel, Vodafone are not getting into it… They should launch Google Nexus like tablets but with 3g bundled at competitive pricing…what say..

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