Top 5 Positives & Negatives of BYOD [Infographic]


BYOD – For some of you, this term (an acronym really) may still be alien. But in the corporate world this term is increasingly gaining importance. BYOD stands for “Bring your own device”. What this essentially means is, employees are free to bring a device of their choice (tablets, smartphones etc) to office for use.

Some of you may think “What’s the big deal about it”, but ask the CIO’s and IT managers of large companies – They are grappling with managing the security threats and risks these devices pose when bought into offices. Today’s smartphones and tablets are powerful and can do anything and everything that a computer can, all while being portable. BYOD facility, if used with ulterior motives can cause havoc and can possibly lead to huge revenue losses.

On the other hand, BYOD could help an employer as well as employee tremendously as well. It can help in improving efficiency, productivity and streamlining communication among other things.

SAP and Netbase jointly carried out a survey that examined a year’s worth of data, including more than 100,000 mentions of BYOD in blogs, news articles, social networks like FaceBook and LinkedIn, Twitter, reviews, comments and more to know more about what users think about BOYD. They came to a conclusion that BYOD is something that users really like, but at the same time there were people who thought negatively about it.

Based on the findings of the study, SAP and Netbase have published a wonderful Infographic depicting the Top 5 negative & positive sentiments of people in regards to BYOD.


So – What’s your take on BYOD?

  1. Bella Adward says

    Thanks for sharing thi spost with us.

  2. Robinsh says

    No doubt every facility comes with pros and cons both and hence we should evaluate first that what is more than the expectation and is it really worth of allowing BYOD in ones company for generating profit in all the terms except some causing a little losses.

    Thanks for posting this infographics,
    it gave me a better idea about the BYOD.

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