Accelerators Programmes for Tech Startups in India [Infographic]


In past few years, culture of Entrepreneurship has definitely grown in India – And nurturing this growth are the various Startup Accelerator programs that have been launched during this time.

In 2007, when I came back to India, I remember there were hardly any Accelerator / Startup Showcase programs (except maybe some OCC events and showcase events like Fast forward 5 years and today the startup ecosystem (especially the Tech) has become quite vibrant. We have multiple awareness, demo/showcase and accelerator programmes that aid Entrepreneurs in achieving success for their startups.

Vijay Anand aka “The Startup Guy” published an excellent infographic that presents various accelerator and startup programmes segregated at various stages of startup Lifecycle [From Idea to Scale]. Here it is

Building the Tech Startup in India: The Ecosystem


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  1. Umesh Sharma says


    Gra8 Article :)

  2. raja.saka says

    this is raja and i just want to use this tab and i dont know how much i will make satisfiy.and how it will be usefull.please hopefully it will satisfy me.

  3. Vijay Anand says

    Thanks Arun.

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