Indian TV advertisements that make no sense [Reader Suggestions]


Very recently, we presented you with a list of what we thought were the Top 5 Indian TV ads that do not make any sense. We are delighted by the response we got for that article. Many readers suggested their own “Make No Sense” ads in response to the article. So, we decided to go ahead and publish user suggestions as well.

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As we have mentioned earlier, selecting Top 5 in such a list is subjective. While some may agree with the ads featured, while some may not…

Indian make-no-sense ads [Readers Suggestions]

1. McDonalds McEgg Burger Ad

The ad starts with the scene of a girl making ‘puk-puk pakak’ sound after she eats a McEgg. It is followed by scenes of different people making similar sounds after they eat the McDonalds McEgg. The TVC ends with the tagline, ‘McEgg Khaoge toh…..’

This suggestion did deserve to be on the top for reasons that need not be explained.

Does anyone really want to make that chuckling sound?

2. JK Cement Bikini Ad

The 10 second TVC by JK Cement shows a bikini clad model coming out of the sea and just then a voice plays in the background ‘Isme kuch khaas hai, Vishwaas hai’

I am just not able to evaluate how actually the ad related to the tag line of the cement company. This ad is surely a true opposition to creativity!!

3. Tata Namak: Imandari ka Namak

The concept of this ad, no doubt, is really good. ‘May his safe always be full of money, but with money earned in honesty’, says a mother in Hindi. The woman says in the ad that if everyone eats one spoon of Tata Salt everyday then the country would eventually become integral. Really? If integrity came with food, I would have fed every politician in the country by force. But dear ad-makers, why don’t you realize that the audience has grown up and they know what makes one integral.

4. TVS Apache 180-160 series

I just could not get what the ad is trying to show. The scenes keep switching between a bar and a ‘scarily fast’ bike. Instead, the scenes are quite irritating and work very well when one wants to induce a headache!!

5. Red Label Health Challenge

The ad shows Akshay Kumar sipping tea during a shooting. Later, he asks viewers to send out a text to tell Sonakshi Sinha the benefits of Red Label.

Rather than annoying me, this ad is quite good on the humor side. What exactly is the company trying to achieve from this ad? And really who would be so interested to tell Sonakshi about the benefits of Tea. Oh, sorry, benefits of Red Label Tea.

6. Brook Bond Red Label Tea Ad (Anupam Kher)

This is yet another make-no-sense ad from the house of Red Label Tea. Anupam Kher is sipping tea when his son is simultaneously busy in doing some exercise. With every sip, Anupam Kher counts like he is doing some heavy exercise. ‘Chai se sehat banti hai’, comments Anupam.

7. Dixcy Scott Innerwear Ad

This ad is both a make-no-sense ad and also complete disrespect of a centuries old long civilization. It shows Salman Khan entering into a Shaolin camp and beats every Shaolin when they offer him the traditional dress.

‘After some months’, it is shown that every Shaolin is wearing that particular brand of innerwear and Salman has replaced the head of Shaolins. Disgusting!

8. Mahindra XUV-500 Cheetah Inspired

Cheetah inspired. How could a car be inspires from a Cheetah. Though there is not much wrong with the commercial basically, but the concept just does not relate to the product being advertised. This is why I have placed this at the end of this list.

So these were the top Indian TV commercials that, according to our readers, that do not make any sense.

With this list, I would like to emphasize that we are not trying to dis-respect the advertising community in any way. I am forced to make this clarification is due to an outrage caused by one of our readers in our previous article.

Keep watching this space for another list that brings the ‘Top 5 creative ads’ to you.

  1. Niharika Jaiswal says

    yes very correct review there are some more ads which don't make any sense…………

  2. Asad Ali says

    umm..because Cheetah is the fastest animal and cars also strive to become, or at least showcase, their speed?

  3. Sudarshan Rangarajan says

    the 8th one XUV 500 is actually inspired by the cheetah.
    the automobile designers all over the world have a source of inspiration and for XUV it was the cheetah. the whole design is modeled over the cheetah's stance and the way it prances..

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