Top Indian TV commercials with Social Message !


During the first year & half of this blog, when I was in U.S, I did miss something – Indian TV Advertisements (Ads on U.S Television are outright bland..except for a rare one..). Indian TV features all kinds of ads, many of them are really bad, however some of them are so good you can see it over and over again. 

One of the regular feature of this blog earlier was, I used published Indian Ads from Youtube which I really liked. However over last couple of years, after coming back to India, I have hardly gone to Youtube searching for some Indian Advertisements. Today a friend of mine forwarded me an Indian Ad which had a social message in it -  and that’s how this post has come about…

Best-TV Ads

Here are some Indian Ads which touch your heart, and have a social message imbibed in them. Probably, some of you may have seen them earlier, but I am sure you will enjoy seeing them again.


Top Indian TV advertisements with Social Message

This is an Ad that must be seen by every Indian



A Day in the Life of India



I am not sure if this is an Indian Ad, but it is a MUST SEE




This one is for all the smokers out there



Again, an Ad that must be viewed by every Indian


I am sure there are still many great Indian Ads out there, if you know of any do let us know in comments.

  1. Khush says

    I would like if you put the ad of Aamir Khan in which he shows about the tourists

  2. swati agarwal says

    there are lot many more such indian advertisements that are motivational… check out any of the tata tea ads .. each one of them are a satire on indian system and show soloutions….also the idea cellular compay ads are fabulous
    by the way nice collection

  3. tezasvi says

    i truly loved tum chalo tho hindustan chale ad.

    1. Myra Jacob says

      Yup its a very touching ad… one must take the intiative to solve the problem rather than juz waiting for somebody to do it…

  4. Anuja Roy says

    Indeed great ads. Most importantly it is the thought process behind the making of these ads. We can really stand apart from others if we actually desire to do so.

  5. sheetal says

    Too Good Collection of commercial. yes these are no doubt top best indian TV commercials.

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