WoW ! Tata Nano going topless ?


Tata Nano – the car has been in the constant news either for its ultra-cheap price, petit model or the back-to-back fire incidents that gutted the vehicle more recently. Prima facie, Nano has its value deeply rooted in terms of innovation to match its economical needs.

So, would you like to go for a long drive in this small car within the comforts of its air condition or with the whiff of a fresh air blowing all over your smiling face? :D

This vehicle which is termed as a people’s car, could offer you a jazzy ride by going topless. A latest buzzing news is that auto major Tata could as well be planning to introduce the convertible version of Nano. The report says that topless Nano was spotted ferrying visitors inside the new Sanand factory in Gujarat.


One aspect that the auto major may have to determine is testing of the operational feasibility of its light-weighted vehicle and its integrity related issues. The convertible Nano may offer style to the vehicle but its safety standards may be put to test.

The company may have to evolve a unique safety standard in convertible cars to shield the passengers in case the car gets rolled-over. Also, it might not be of safest prospects to tweak the structural rigidity of this light-weight model by going for convertible roof.

A topless Nano might sounds frenzied to the youth genre, but it is more preferable a modification for a sports car with two-seater capacity rather than a family car.

The architecture also needs a close look where a convertible car must have a limited amount of open and closing space for better maneuverability. If the top begins to wear down at higher speeds, it might affect the aerodynamics of the vehicle.

What’s your view on this frenzied model?

  1. Saji Indsil says

    it is very interesting driving I m enjoy the car I m very happy.

  2. Er Rihaan Khan says

    what is the cost of nano convertible, do tell me.when ist will come to market.

  3. Ashok says

    wow,, this model seems cute,, already tata nano is rocking in the market,, it made a great record in car market,,, now it is another great innovation

  4. Altaf Rahman says

    In cooler countries like Europe where due to heavy, dull atmosphere, dust is low and heat is non existent. There convertibles are some times preferred. That too a convertible there is not exclusively topless. The top can fall back at the touch of a button. Its only an option.

    Convertibles are not suited to India (other than fashion) for the following reasons.
    1. Heat in India is unbearable.
    2. Where ever you see, dust is hanging in air.
    Aren’t the above, the reasons that middle class people who can afford are shifting to a “car” from “bike”?
    3. Security: Nobody has guarantee even for a fully closed, locked cars in India. Imagine a convertible!! Its like handing over the keys to the thief :-)

    My personal view :
    Nano is slightly expensive than Auto rickshaw in present condition. With convertible they can directly compete with auto rickshaws and can give stiff compitition to Bajaj :-)

    @ Viral !!
    No offense please, purely for fun.

    1. Viral says

      Hello Altaf,

      Your comment that a convertible car in India is like ‘handing over the keys to a thief’ has left me pondering whether it is only a humourous statement or quite serious one in that.

      I had, in fact, read in some newspapers that in this hitech world, it could take just about few hours for these miscreants to change the looks of the vehicle & you won’t even get a whiff even if your modified car passes from infront of you.

  5. Jal says

    In the UK the recent Fiat model 500C (the small model) is doing well and this model comes in a convertible version.

    1. Viral says

      Hello Jal,

      An interesting short comment from you about a small convertible vehicle.

      To me, a basic difference in case of Nano is not just a petit (or a small) model but also a low-priced model with proportionate quality standards.

      Just take an example of 2 small cars – one with price range of Rs.4 lacs for users of small car segments and other in range of Rs.1 lac in affordable car category.

      It is but obvious that the car which is 4 times more expensive will basically have more features and facilites apart from a more sturdy body, as against the one that goes in affordable car segment.

  6. Rainu says

    very interesting idea, I think if safety aspects are reached then many might opt for this. Its quite a novelty in the Indian market!

    1. Viral says

      Hello Rainu,

      I agree with you that the concept is quite interesting for a car like Nano, something which none of us could have imagined about such a turnaround in the structure of the car, but as I’ve mentioned in my post, safety concerns remains.

      Though, I’m not an expert on Automobiles, from what I can figure out it is hard to imagine about Nano in a convertible version, looking at it from the perspective that it is, especially, manufactured to serve the needs of lower middle class people at affordable price range.

      In fact, wouldn’t it make a good idea for Tatas to actually come with such convertible cars (of Nano class) with stronger structure and shape good enough – even if that means a higher price category of, say, Rs.2.5 lac to 3 lac price zone??

  7. Ajit D says

    I don’t like nano at all…whatever modifications company is doing doesn’t matter, atleast for me but good news for some people who might get a kinda sporty look in nano…

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