A look at New Top-Level Domain Name Rush [Infographic]


ICANN has ushered a new era of Internet with the announcement of generic Top-Level Domain Names in June last year. Having your own web extension (like .com) made companies world-wide drool for it.

Even though, applicants had to shell out USD 185,000 upfront, ICANN received total of 1930 applications for Generic Top Level Domain Names, of which 66 were geographic name applications and 116 applications were for Internationalized Domain Names, or IDNS, for strings in scripts such as Arabic, Chinese, and Cyrillic. Indian Companies were also in the race with 21 gTLD’s applied by them.

Demandforce, a global marketing and communications company published an excellent infographic depicting huge level of interest that gTLD’s have generated. This infographic gives nearly every detail you would want to know about gTLD applicants and the competition for popular extensions.

Did you know that .app extension was applied for by 13 different applicants ? Did you know that a single company called Donuts Inc. alone applied for 307 gTLDs? This and more is wonderfully shown in the following Infographic. If you are an online professional, you must not miss this Infographic…a really informative visual! See it, share it, socialize it…bookmark it!


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