Reliance Communications Joins The Tablet Race With A Rs 13K Tablet


Lo and Behold, there is a new tablet in town and this one comes branded with Reliance. With the kind of hype surrounding tablets I have to say I am not really surprised.

An aggressively priced full featured tablet seems like a golden opportunity in the Indian tablet market and despite a flurry of lot of sub 15k tablets being launched, there hasn’t been a runaway success in the tablet wars .

The strategic thinking behind the launch of tablet is captured well by the company when they say,

“We believe the unmet demand of a fully loaded tablet at an aggressive price point will now fuel the aspirations of the evolved customers”

Well, in Reliance Communications case the opportunity is two-fold. The tablet will come bundled with Reliance 3G services and if the tablet is right on the money, it could turn out to be the perfect sales channel for Reliance’s 3G services.

However, the adoption level of the tablet is what will decide whether the strategic play will work for Reliance. For starters, the tablet is not being made by Reliance Communications. The tablet is being made by ZTE Telecom and will be branded and sold under the Reliance Communications banner.

Call me a cynic or a stereotype but a *full featured* tablet made by a Chinese company in the 13k price range looks dicey to start with. But I will not be judgmental and leave you with some technical / general specifications of the tablet.

Reliance Tablet Specifications

  • Reliance 3G tablet is a 7-inch tablet and runs on Android 2.3 OS
  • The tablet has 512 MB RAM and will come up with a 4GB SD card (with an option to upgrade it to 32 GB)
  • The tablet promises extensive features including the likes of push mail, video streaming, documents to go, Mobile TV, Video Recording etc.
  • The device is currently available in Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata and will soon be available across all 13 circles reliance operates in

Well, again nothing really out of the ordinary here in terms of technical specifications. However, a lot will also depend on the overall usability and WOW experience that the tablet is able to deliver.

The tablet in itself may not be a profitable business for Reliance communication since it is not involved in the manufacturing but if the device is any good, Reliance 3G services might take off and provide it the lead amidst the fierce competition in the Indian communication space.

Another tablet gets added to the already increasing list of tablets. With a 13k price range, a comparison with the iPad may not exactly be an apples-to-apples comparison but then that’s the benchmark, isn’t it? Lets wait and watch if the Reliance tablet causes disruption in the low price tablet category.

What are your thoughts on this new Reliance Tablet ?

  1. Avijit Sarkar says

    i have akesh tab ubislate7+, but this device not up to the mark( problem on software and others)hope joint venture will improve aakesh tablet.

  2. vijay says

    i want to see first than i would like to go for any of three

  3. amanpreet singh huda says

    hey frnds my bro buying this phone on 28 nov and his frnd also

  4. Bhavesh Chhipa says

    I am so excited to buy it!

  5. Revathi Hariharan says

    does it have a sim card slot?

  6. Ashutosh Verma says


  7. Gaurav Gwari says

    not bad in 13k but rim plans r very costly.

  8. Yugal Kishor Pashine says

    2dy news tab only 2200 me.

  9. Yugal Kishor Pashine says


  10. Sunil Barthwal says

    niceee phone…..i will buy now.

  11. Shekhar Jumnake says

    I wine this from mya compony………i m too exited……….

  12. Hassan Ibrahim says

    nice….. is it nw available in chennai?

  13. Raj Pandit says

    can b use preapid gsm/cdma sim in this ril tablet.

  14. Deep Pathak says

    in chennai is it available or not…….

  15. Saurabh Upadhyaya says

    can we do calling from the same…..kindly suggest..i m looking for the tablet from which I can call as well.

  16. Ajinkya Jadhav says

    can we insert any other sim card in reliance tab except then reliance.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      No, you cannot…

  17. Ajinkya Jadhav says

    is reliance tablet aveliabe in gsm.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      yes, but you will have to use only reliance card..

    2. Ajinkya Jadhav says

      Arun Prabhudesai okkkk thanxxx a lawt…

  18. Kshitij Munjal says

    it's atully cool I am using it only drawback is that a bad camera quality bt still it is awesome.

  19. Brijesh Yadav says

    reliance tab is the best pocket pc.

  20. Sameer Bhardwaj says

    please reply me fast.

  21. Sameer Bhardwaj says

    it is gsm or cdma or both.

  22. Tamanna Joshi says

    plese inform me datv…can I use tablet in case of my lappy?
    is it a windows cell or not?

    1. Neeraj Yadav says

      Dis tablet is android

    2. Jay Singh says

      this tab speed is slow

    3. Gopal Haish says

      no tamanna
      that not prefer to u
      wer u want to use it…

    4. Tamanna Joshi says

      gopal y ru disapproving me…is it dat bad??

    5. Gopal Haish says

      hey it is not use in case of lepi
      coz iski pc connectivity inni best nhi h
      nd isme only 2mp ka camera h without ne flash

    6. Umang Shukla says

      go on

    7. Tamanna Joshi says

      gopal…in talet can i use net same like pc..?

    8. Tamanna Joshi says

      Umang Shukla…WERE 2 go on?

    9. Chandan Gangele C J says

      if u want than u can but u cant use it faster as pc

    10. Amit Bhagat says

      it is true then i buy it

    11. Tamanna Joshi says

      thnXx guys…so tell me final desicion

    12. Vikas Arya says

      yes u can use tamanna..i am using it…very convinent to use easy in carry.

    13. Sanidhya Shivhare says

      Choöchohöliç Prïñcës u should take that one its amazing i m using it.If u want it at Rs.11,999 I can get u that

    14. Sanidhya Shivhare says

      Vikas Arya at what price did u get thet??????

  23. Tarun Singh says

    After reading all discussion I am confused so finally tell me I can buy this or not?

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      I suggest you wait for few days before making a decision – Right now everything is new so you may not have proper information

    2. Tarun Singh says

      Thank you so much Arun. For your good suggestion…

  24. sujay says

    faltu tab,
    full bakwass,
    3G plans are more costier than this tab,
    VGA & 2MP camera is not sufficient,
    only 512MB RAM & 800Mhz processor,
    And no other sim can be used in this tab

  25. Ashish Sharma says

    Need to wait till Dipawali to see more stuff. I will definitely take chance when I get to see more products.

  26. Vinmrita Bharti says

    better deal in 13k.

    1. Drbalkishor Sharma says

      ???? ????? ?? ???????? ?? ?????? ???? ??? ?? ????? ???? ?? ???? ??? ??

    2. Rajesh Trivedi says

      Rim ke sath soda mare jauengey. Plan is very costly. And if you want to sell this tablet no body buy.i thik samesumg tab is better bcs you have all ready invast 20.000 to rim plan of one year.

    3. Drbalkishor Sharma says

      Rajesh Trivedi dell streak is the best

    4. Rajendra Panwar says

      I think,u cannot ill becoz,i heared,pretty and nice girls can't ill becoz god always with him.

    5. Rushi Jogle says

      but it doesnt have Wi-Fi

  27. Anupam Adke says

    Sexyyyyy tab bt it dsnt support HD games :( & and we cant use any oyher sim card than relaince.
    GSM and the tab wouldn't be updated bcoz it has a lo processer to get updated it atleast shld have 1Ghz processor Bt at last it is better than the beetle tab…….. :D

  28. Shahul Hameed says

    Please inform me when the tablet is going to be release in Bangalore..

  29. Vishal Kumar says

    do we have camera into this?

  30. Siddharth Khune says

    I like this.

  31. Bijay Raj Chaudhary says


  32. Alok Khatri says

    this tab have so many advance feature in software but get little diss in hardware…

  33. Bandaru Avinash says

    we use this with any other Reliance sim or only CDMA sim

  34. Priya Seht says

    just 512 MB RAM by default is bad. good beginning though.

  35. Sachin Mohan says


  36. Baron Brearly Fernandes says

    I wnt to bye this tablet but the reliance range is very bad at my place its wagholi nirmal tal vasai dist thane pin 401304.

  37. Himanshu Soni says

    I like it.

  38. Kulbir Kalsi says

    as expected reliance cannot satisfy its customer. however rates is low but think about the performance it will be a fully to spend on such a device.

  39. Adarsh Bhagat says


  40. Reddy Prasad says

    can make viode call 4m tablet.

  41. Ajay Kiradu says

    u can take chance for that AFFORDEBLE.

  42. jeethan says

    sir, do u have tablet in cdma

  43. shekar says

    with out video calling option tab is useless

  44. Vanita Bansal says

    I have broadband wifi connection at home. Did this tab will anything for using internet.

  45. Prem Mulani says

    512Mb Ram is a Negative.

  46. Gurvinder Singh Aulakh says

    lets see wat it be?

    1. Kukki Rupinder says

      master ji kuj v ni….fokka pataka a…175£ da a…jahli ja a..

  47. Samreen Sam Samdj says

    will dis tab gud for vedio calling n also camera is of wht strenght.

  48. arvind says

    can we use other gsm network.

  49. aarav thakur says

    less spend and manage high standard then buy reliance tab hurry up guyssssss

  50. Janak Panicker says

    cheaper than glaaxy tab!

    1. Swapnil Chitnis says

      Even cheaper than my phone!

    2. Aditya Gholba says

      Its released 2 yrs after gtab . And gtab has faster processor , more ram , better camera and ROMs !!! But still 13k is a fantastic price ! Worth it

    3. Janak Panicker says

      Dude its good 4 poor ppl like us… Aditya Gholba
      Not for bullock cart owners like u :p

    4. Aditya Gholba says

      Lol! Poor people! Absolute sarcasm! And i said its a fantastic price :D

    5. Janak Panicker says

      No sarcasme…

  51. Rao Manne says

    very useful & ow some..

  52. Sanjay Anand says

    it is looking nice but so thick.

  53. Sumeet Ahuja says

    is it necessary to get 3g activated.

  54. Georgy George Vettiyankal says

    can we use any other network operator?

  55. Akhshat Sharma says


  56. Chintan Patel says

    ZTE……………….. the great

  57. Sachin Katyal says


  58. Archit Malhotra says


    1. Sai Vitthal says

      mast phone he

  59. Ashish Sharma says

    How is the touch screen.

  60. Harwinder Karwal says

    Really amazing. Best wishes for Reliance.

  61. Shrikanth Sy says

    we are way behind technology when it comes to tablets. Reliance and other few companies are releasing these low specs tablets in india now. where as in US you get the latest Tablets with top notch specs for the same price. Its frustrating some times that we don't have such good options in india.

  62. Shristi Sharma says

    can we use other gsm network?

    1. Rahul Kumar says


    2. Shristi Sharma says


    3. Yogesh Gupta says

      now we have beetel tab worth of 9999/- with voice call

    4. Ashish Sharma says

      I saw Beetel Magiq video review on youtube….touch screen is terribly sluggish

    5. Anupam Adke says

      Aggarwal Distributions but it has resistive touchscreeen which is bad… :(

    6. Ravi Parekh says

      i also want to know

    7. Rahul Þlëa?ânt ?mõk?r says

      which company provide that tap……

  63. Sanjeev Jain says

    Are MS Office components run-able?

  64. Vivek Dadu says

    do we have sophisticated drawing softwares like mspaint or smoothdraw, in built into the operating system of Relaince 3G Tab.

  65. Moli Basar says

    waiting for it.

  66. Samad Mohd says

    do we need to hav bluetooth device to make calls or directly?

  67. Prosenjit Bhattacharjee says

    interesting price point for a 3G enabled tablet. have to try the features to see if it works the same way as they advertise.

    1. Santosh Akkula says

      Dont buy anything from reliance…

  68. Swaroop Sj says

    is like cdma phone? can its sim change!

    1. Tamanna Joshi says

      i also dnt uncle wen u come to know den please inforn me to

  69. Tejas Pawar says

    this is unbelivable….

    1. Iccb Romania says


  70. Sooraj As says

    is like cdma phone? can its sim change!

  71. Monty Ranu says

    Thankss 4 info.

  72. Anonymous says

    can we make video call through skype in this tab.

  73. Rameez Ali Bhati says

    ab tabs b kachra hone wali h :D sbke paas tabs.

    1. Ashish Sharma says

      Kyun apne kya Tabs ki exclusivity le li hai

    2. Rameez Ali Bhati says

      hmmm not the exclusivity xactly, but i dont use gadgets wen its common in every bodys hand.

  74. Sameer Mohite says

    can we make calls from this tablet?

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Yes, offcourse we can…

    2. Sameer Mohite says

      Thanks for info :)

  75. Devang Upadhyay says


  76. Rajesh Soni says


  77. Nafish Shahzad says

    I think it is not so good.
    wasting of money.

    1. Iccb Romania says

      Dude not many pre-judgements …

    2. Sanidhya Shivhare says

      tere jaise gadhe ko aisa ho lagega lodu

  78. Aditya Gautam says

    It's is good for all.

  79. Tausif Ashraf says

    Chinese tabs useless very laggy and low on power the screen is the worst part usually resistive single touch and not at all gud touch response.

    1. Aditya Pawar says

      thts true

    2. Razu Thulung Rai says

      me too agree…..

  80. Sailesh Sri says


  81. Jamshed Yasin Siddiqui says

    Nice price

  82. Himmat Dhillon says

    I going to buy it……

  83. Vinoth Ram Ranganathan says

    Who's the manufacturer?

    1. Aditya Pawar says

      ZTE communications chinese company

    2. Anupam Adke says

      Aditya Pawar Yeah But Dnt frget dat it also manufactures galaxy tab ;)

  84. Sachin Thakur says


  85. Sumit Cool Sam says

    Its cool

  86. Sumesh Ps says

    mmmmm….let me see.

  87. Sumesh Ps says

    mmmmm….let me see.

  88. Sumesh Ps says

    mmmmm….let me see.

  89. Sumesh Ps says

    mmmmm….let me see.

  90. Sumesh Ps says

    mmmmm….let me see.

  91. Sumesh Ps says

    mmmmm….let me see.

  92. Sumesh Ps says

    mmmmm….let me see.

  93. Sumesh Ps says

    mmmmm….let me see.

  94. Ambhi Patel says


  95. Garmin India Maps says

    Well, price war has just begun. So expect some more players to jump in the market with better quality and low price. Just wait and watch.

  96. Ghosh says

    do post a review of the tablet if you can get hold of one. Generally speaking Android based tablets have not been the kind of success (apart from Samsung) that the android based mobile handsets has seen. May be the next version of of Android – Ice cream sandwich will prove to be break through success  

    1. Ankit.Agarwal says

      Agree with you Ghosh, reviews will reveal the story

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