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India is warming up to tablets. The sales are at 8000 units per month, but that will only pick up when two things happen – hardware prices fall and so does the data plans. Hardware prices have a wide range right now. The cheapest can go for Rs. 8000 (check out on Ebay, you may get it even lower) and the most expensive one can run up to Rs. 40,000. The data plans, lets just say, one hasn’t settled yet – subscribers and providers alike.

So what does this nascent market look like? It is not the most vibrant of the markets like in America, Europe or China. It is picking up slowly. Indian consumers had a chance to buy from a choice of 10 tablets launched at various stages. Two new tablets which have received rave reviews across – iPad 2 and Motorola Xoom – are rumored to hit Indian shores. The new tablets not withstanding, India has seen some decent tablets. It all started with Olivepad and reached the crescendo with the launch of iPad. In between, there were quite a few tablets. Let’s take a look at them all.



Olivepad is the pioneer. It could probably be the first tablet to be launched in India. Priced at Rs. 25,000, Olivepad packs in a lot of hardware. OlivePad is ideally suited for mobile internet and browsing with 3.5G HSUPA, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It comes with a 3 megapixel in-built camera and a front camera. Olivepad comes with a 7-inch capacitive touch screen.


Binatone HomeSurf

Dubbed as poor man’s iPad, Home Surf has 128 mb RAM, ARM11 667 MHz processor and 2GB internal storage and an 8-inch resistive screen. Built-in Stereo Speakers and microphone, Li-Ion Rechargeable battery which can support up to 4 Hrs video playback on full charge  and one miniUSB port. Cost : Rs. 8995. More


Infibeam Phi

Phi runs ARM9’s 600 MHz processor with 8GB storage and 256 MB RAM. Though, it has a 7-inch resistive touch screen. Phi has Wi-Fi but doesn’t have Bluetooth or microphones on-board. Infibeam Phi costs Rs. 14999.


Accor @Pad

7-inch TFT Full touch display, Built-in Wi-Fi 2GB flash memory. Expandable to 32 GB through MicroSD card, battery backup : 4 to 5 hours, USB ports available – Can connect external mouse, keyboard or hard drive and Ethernet. @Pad comes with 128 MB RAM and is powered by 400 MHz VIA VM8505. Price : Rs. 9999. 


Wespro ePad

At Rs. 7999, this is still the cheapest tablet launched in India. Wespro pad has 7-inch resistive touch screen, VIA WM8505 400MHz, 2GB NAND flash memory, WiFi, 128 MB RAM and Ethernet connectivity. But you can imagine at 400 MHz there is not much you can do with it !


Samsung Galaxy Tab

Launched at a price of Rs. 37,000, Galaxy Tab has settled at a price of Rs. 24,900. Though Olivepad was launched much earlier, Galaxy Tab was the one which created flutter. Probably the ad spend of Samsung and the ‘star power’ of Karan Johar helped Galaxy Tab reach that status. Galaxy Tab’s specs include :  7” TFT-LCD, front-facing and rear-facing cameras, 1GHz processor, 512 MB RAM, 3G, Bluetooth, WiFi and in-built speakers. Read our Samsung Galaxy Tab Vs Olivepad comparison article.

Samsung galaxy tab

Notion Ink Adam

A 178 degree rotating swivel camera, a touchpad at the back, pixelQI screen to facilitate sunlight reading and a radio to go with it. All these are features of Notion Ink Adam. Though Notion Ink isn’t retailing at any stores, there is a strong family sentiment in selling the tablets. The tablets are sold to people who comment on Notion Ink blog. A nice way to get around the supply problem.

Notion Ink Adam

Apple iPad

Two weeks after iPad was launched, the price was dropped by 3K. The cheapest iPad is available for Rs. 24500. iPad has a 9.7 inch screen with a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixel and a lot of apps which Android tablets can only dream of. Everyone just love to have one of these. Enough has been said about this tablet.

iPad2 cover

Motorola Xoom, the first decent Android tablet and iPad 2 are rumored to be hitting Indian ports sometime soon. Until that happens, these are the noteworthy tablets India has seen and bought.

Needless to say, iPad still rules the roost.

[This post has been reproduced from The Gadget Fan]

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    Aandroid is not supporting indian languages, whereas apple does.

  42. Naziha Mogudoom says

    ipad 2 is too good with lot of new features.

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    I'm thinking to buy a tablet, budget – 25k, can anyone suggest please, people who have used it can share their experience about speed, userfriendly, irritations points etc.

  50. Vijay Kumar says

    I will do it bro.. IGS tab will be in the market in 2012 starting Rs, 5000.

  51. Vijay Kumar says

    I will do it bro.. IGS tab will be in the market in 2012 starting Rs, 5000.

  52. Taran Walia says

    I pad is best last month I was by in 25,000.

  53. Anshul Munjal says

    the govt. of india is about to launch its own version of tab "sakshat" for just $35…just Rs.1500/-….waiting for that too….

    1. Ajay Bhatia says

      Ek mere liye b le liyo jab mile… 5 $ extra dunga…

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    1. Tanmoy Paul says

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    I m gadget fan but I have no money to buy all this….

    1. Naziha Mogudoom says

      u can only see and know abt the image …. go to all showroom try out all …. lolz

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      more than 75%people dont have money to buy, will upgrade their knowledge only,

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    all tabs r ausum I liked them alll.

  57. Kuku Padayattil says

    can anyone can recommend me a tab which will b helpfull for me to use sound cards or sound softwares..

  58. Vishnu S Tiwary says

    tablets are good but it is little bit costly I guess.

  59. Vishnu S Tiwary says

    Tablets are wonderful things but little bit costly I guess.

  60. Jegan Jeyaseelan says

    WAR…. of Tablet PC in INDIA.. Which side r u?

    1. Rhonald Moses says

      na, dont buy any android tablet just yet… wait for next year… better ones (even the OS will be better suited for tablets) are on the way… with Google buying Motorola, it will get more interesting…

    2. Jegan Jeyaseelan says

      I dont have aplan to buy any tablets as of now…. I am always really getting confused with the tablet and a mini laptop… whats the pros and cons????

  61. Sam Patrik says

    great list of tablets but will these can beat iPod? I don't think so……..

    1. Jeffry Anto says

      Here they are talkin about tablet pc .. not ur ipod….this is ipad

  62. Amit Gupta says

    Zinglife amazing..

  63. Bhasker Raj says

    The Tablets revolution has begun.

    As more and more companies offer tablets with added features, the tablets will replace the laptops soon.

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    the cool stuffs with cheap price in market that's good…………..

  73. Vishwanath Vishwa says

    the cool stuffs in market that's good…………..

  74. Prabhuraj says

    Is there any ipad or tablet with GPS, GPRS facility along with wi-fi and camera?

    1. Love Guy23 says

      yes the tablet name is Samsung galaxy P1000, but u can wait for Tablet 10.1

  75. Chetan Jain Chajjed says

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  76. Chetan Jain Chajjed says

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  83. Vikram Nag says

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  85. Nishant says

    Is there is any tablet availble with 3g conectivity and capable of makin calls, basicaly a large screen phone around 15k , nd plz tell me some retail points for binatone home surf pad in capital ,

  86. KV says

    HCL has also joined the bandwagon http://www.hclmetablet.com

  87. VJ says

    Good compilation! Thanks :)

  88. Altaf Rahman says

    Nice compilation. But I am wondering why for such a big country as ours, the sales are in thousands instead of either hundreds of thousands or even millions?

    May be thats why we are not commanding the respect of NI Adam guy (I refer to your previous article)

    @ Arpan :) Well!! The proof of the pudding is in the eating :) Just kidding.

  89. Arpan Kar @ Business Fundas says

    I somehow fail to grasp if these larger than life phones really as useful as they are portrayed to be?

    1. jeetu says

      100 % agree with you @arpan
      one more cheapest tablet company will launched cheapest tablets. here follow the link http://www.dtplus.in/2012/03/ateb-android-tablet-in-5000-rupees.html

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