Tablets comparison: iPad Vs PlayBook Vs Xoom Vs Streak [Infographic]


These are days of Tablets and they are everywhere. Likewise, these are days of infographics and they are seen everywhere on the Internet as well ! So when you put these 2 together, we get something really really interesting.

Here is an Infographic released by Skatter Tech which compares 4 different tablets – Apple iPad, Blackberry Playbook, Motorola Xoom and Dell Streak.

One thing comes to my mind after seeing this – How the hell is iPad so popular when it lacks soooo many features which are like default in others ? It is sheer marketing genius of a person called Steve Jobs !

Droid vs. iPhone Comparison Chart

One thing for sure – Android 3.0 will rule the tablet market…what’s your opinion ?

  1. Jessica Blox says

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  2. Samuel Premkumar says

    Which one?

  3. Impact Taritakul says

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  4. Aa says

    You just don’t get it. The iPad doesn’t need to have as many features as the others. It’s about design, ease of use and quality. People want devices that work simply, feel good to use and integrate with their lifestyle (seen this little app called iTunes before?). Nerds might want a Linux command line but most people (the ones that make companies rich) want to simply open a browser and check Facebook easily. The want to majestic a couple of touches to get what they want done. They don’t need USB, HDMI or SD cards.

  5. Deepak says

    A 2010 iPad compared to 2011 Android devices (two of those aren’t released yet) doesn’t really make sense. Given, iPad 2 won’t cover everything on the list but with the current rumors you can start ticking some of the camera options & video chat. Some of the new iPhone features could also and most probably will crossover (Hotspot, Proximity Sensor, Gyroscope).

    Android 3.0 looks good too.

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