Olivepad Vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab [TGF]


Finally, much awaited Samsung Galaxy Tab has launched in India, however, the price of this device is a big dampener. Yes, it is feature-rich and probably has everything that you need in a good tablet, but at Rs. 38,000, it caters to the need of very narrow segment of people.

On the other hand we have home grown Olivepad, which is priced about Rs. 13,000 lesser than Samsung Galaxy Tab and comparable features except a few of them.

We did a comparison on both these tablets on our Gadget blog to see if Galaxy Tab is worth the price, or much cheaper Olivepad is “value for money” buy !



Read Comparison between Olivepad and Samsung Galaxy Tab

  1. Fakhri Wardana says


  2. Virlly CHaynk AMu says


  3. Subhash Sundriyal Sundriyal says

    nice Tab

  4. Eddy Kusworo says


  5. Rajen Thakkar says

    Good comparison

  6. Kashi Vishwanath says

    nice comparison…

  7. Sanskar Chaudhary says

    I am using Olive Pad from past 2 months now with no issues at all. As mentioned by some of the users here, as an Indian consumer, we have a mentality which forces us to look for cheaper things first and not to forget, we all actually look at the price tag first. Thus, why are we actually comparing these two devices? Galaxy Tab is too costly as compared to Olive PAD, and when I am getting exactly same features in Olive, why would I pay extra? And to people who are talking about processor and all, think again guys, how many of us actually uses or would use this device for tasks which a 600 mhz processor won’t pull off. Guys!!! this tab is geenrally used for watching movies, listening songs, making calls, keeping documents, checking emails, browsing and as per my experience, all this is well pulled off by Olive Pad…m using it and ENJOYING it. I have actually forgot the need of opening my laptop since i have purchased this one. So, if you are still confused, don’t be…go for it, it’s value for money. Also, as already mentioned, there service is great. You e-mail them and they give you a prompt response. I called them for some query. Buy it from CROMA stores. Touch screen as responsive as an Apple product and this has been commented by few people using Apple

    1. srawle says

      Does it have devnagri text input capability? I mean Can I type in Marathi in devnagri script in it?

    2. jasmine says

      hello dear SANSKAR,
      Im living in pakistan I want to import this product but I read comments about this product in few sites, people are not at all happy with it, is urs olivepad working well? what about their service centr I have heard they dont respond even you have warranty of this product is it so?
      please let me know
      I want to get this ASAP

  8. Gurupreet Anand says

    For andriod 7 inch tablets please call 9320773929. Same as olice but no inbuilt 3G. Price is Rs 7000 only

  9. sajad says

    I was very much interested in taking Olive Pad and ordered one on 22-Nov. They dispatched on 27-Nov to my address. The product is still not delivered due to very very poor routing method of their Courier Partner “First Flight Courier”. Applying, calling First Flight branches gave a very very poor response and really disappointed with their courier before starting using the Olive Tab. I dont know when it is going to get delivered as their website states 3-4 days, God only knows!!!!! Somebody help me.

  10. Charu says

    Interesting comparison…..

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